18 Hilarious Avengers Vs. X-Men Memes

As the most successful Marvel properties to date, The Avengers and the X-Men franchises dominate the box office. Despite living comfortably in the same world on the pages of comic books, the movies have always kept them completely separate. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is owned by the Walt Disney Company, while 20th Century Fox owned the X-Men for many years. Only recently did the two companies make a deal that left Disney with all of Fox's Marvel properties, making the Marvel universe a family once again.`

Sadly, these beloved characters have never shared the big screen. Fans are clamoring for their crossover now more than ever. Maybe they'll fight, maybe they'll just hang out and have a drink, or maybe we won't see them together for many more years. In any case, we have collected some of the best Avengers and X-Men memes to give fans a good laugh while they wait.

While not all of the memes are strictly "versus" scenarios, they do compare and contrast the two franchises and poke fun at our favorite aspects of each. Fans may want to see them fight (and we probably will eventually), but the relationships between these characters is where the real fight is. Regardless, the franchises are both equal in our eyes, and we cannot wait to see what Disney does with them in the future.

Here are 18 Hilarious Avengers Vs. X-Men Memes.

18 Deadpool's Priorities

Did you expect anything less from the Merc with a Mouth? This meme takes a shot at the bombastic third act of The Avengers, as if Deadpool were on the scene with Earth's mightiest heroes. Don't get us wrong, he would be a great addition to the MCU, but this is hilarious and totally fitting for his character. He probably would help them out eventually though... at least for fun.

Deadpool is the biggest hit in the X-Men franchise, and it's a hit that those movies desperately needed to stay relevant amidst the onslaught of new superhero movies. Now that he belongs to Disney, hopefully Deadpool's introduction into the MCU works just as nicely as his first outing on the big screen. Maybe pair him up with Spider-Man?

17 The Timeline Conspiracy

When it comes to the X-Men movies, continuity was Fox's last priority. Blatant plot holes and contradictions litter the franchise, and are only made worse by spinoffs and the time travel aspect of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. There is a basic through-line of continuity, but it's one that the films don't actually bother to explain.

Their is a timeline where the future is dominated by Sentinels, and a timeline where it isn't. Logan fits into the second timeline, which vaguely erases everything after the original film, including the X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine. The prequel trilogy exists in both... sort of. Deadpool probably exists in the second timeline but ultimately it doesn't matter because Deadpool doesn't even care. He'd rather make jokes about it instead.

By now we probably sound like Charlie Day in the meme above, but if we somehow don't, congrats! You're a true X-Men fan.

16 Star Spangled Sass

Even Cap thinks Apocalypse looks ridiculous! Not only does this take a witty line from The Avengers and direct it at the X-Men villain, but it's a nice reference to X-Men: Apocalypse's "controversy" about the villain's design. Even after set photos and reassurances to fans that Apocalypse's look would improve as the film was completed, he still ended up looking quite silly.

Captain America isn't exactly in the position to tease, though. His costume in The Avengers is a total eyesore — a padded cloth jacket designed before any filmmaker could nail his modern-day look. Unlike the X-Men films, though, the MCU tends to learn from its mistakes in character design. Cap would go on to get several redesigns in sequels that tone down the patriotic colors and add actual armor — and a rugged beard for Avengers: Infinity War.

15 Dad Vs. Dad

Avengers vs. X-Men? What about a war of dads?

Magneto never really was a great father, but he is the legitimate father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Since "mutant" characters don't exist in the MCU, the super twins were given vague, pseudo-science backstories that tied them to experiments done by the evil organization Hydra. Since their debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch is often associated with Hawkeye as he guides her and cares for her like a laid-back surrogate father. This, of course, is because Magneto couldn't appear in the MCU at the time — not that he would have been a very loving dad anyway.

The better dad is clearly Hawkeye (who has actual children of his own in the MCU), but which dad is cooler? That's not actually a close race, is it?

14 But Not Really

For superheroes, the concept of death is nothing but an inconvenience. Characters are constantly killed off only to be brought back sometime later. Comic readers and used to this, and by now so are movie fans. The MCU and X-Men films use this trope all the time, and while it does ellicit an emotional reaction, it usually doesn't mean much in the long run.

Sadly, not every character is so resilient - right, Spidey? It seems like the only comic book character to ever stay dead is Uncle Ben. Without his death, there would be no Spider-Man. If only somebody could use an Infinity Gem to alter the fabric of reality or whatever and bring back poor old Ben. It's about time somebody cut the Parker family a break, right?

13 But Daaaad

Of course! Copyrights! The only thing stopping this long lost family from being united. Fortunately for the Maximoff family, and fans everywhere, the X-Men rights now belong to Disney. The world will see the X-Men and the Avengers come together — probably not for a few more years, but it will happen eventually. Until then, the world will have to deal with two Quicksilvers, and awkward situations like this.

Magneto probably would have been a huge help against Ultron and his bots, but the master of magnetism likely would have been off elsewhere, creating yet another devious plot for power. He's not exactly known for helping the good guys out of the kindness of his heart — and definitely not non-mutants like the Avengers.

12 "...If He Be Worthy..."

Wow. This meme could start a civil war.

Before you present this question to your friends and have a passionate (or vicious) argument, know that the comics have never definitively answered this. Sometimes Magneto can. Sometimes he can't. Magneto is certainly unworthy of the hammer's power (being a cold-blooded killer and all), but there have been instances of him using his powers to deflect the hammer in mid-air.

Odin enchanted Thor's hammer so that only those worthy enough could wield it. Considering that, it's entirely possible that Magneto can't, or at least shouldn't be able to lift it. However, Magneto can manipulate magnetic fields. Theoretically, if he were to control a magnetic field around Thor's hammer, he would be able to move it around. This situation is something we could see when the X-Men are finally worked into the MCU, but for now, it's just a fun hypothetical.

11 Earth's Mightiest Heroes

This tweet screencap has gone viral over the past few months, and it might be one of the best jokes on this list. It's no secret that the actors playing the Avengers have great senses of humor outside their MCU roles. Between Chris Hemsworth on SNL, Robert Downey Jr. looking dramatic in... whatever that is, young tough guy Chris Evans, and Tom Holland slaying Lip Sync Battle in drag, these heroes have hilariously likable personalities.

Do they seem like the type to stand up against an intergalactic warlord with the power to destroy all life as we know it? Not outside their costumes, no. That's okay, though. They've won the hearts of the internet, and that's all that matters.

Seriously, though: have you seen Tom Holland dance on Lip Sync Battle? He could even give Star-Lord a run for his money.

10 House of Mouse

This may not be much of a "versus" meme, but it likely gives comic fans a good laugh. House of M, a famous crossover in Marvel comics, sees Magneto acquire all the power he ever desired through a reality-bending incident caused by Scarlet Witch. In this new reality, the House of M (headed by Magneto and his family) is treated like royalty, acting as the dominant political power in a world dominated by mutants.

Instead, this cover art is twisted into something all too real with some simple photoshopping — the all-powerful House of Mickey Mouse. Disney's recent business dealings have given it a scary amount of power in entertainment and pop culture (as if it didn't have a ton already). The Walt Disney company finally owns the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, making Marvel all but whole again, and giving Disney even more power over the brand.

9 In An Alternate Timeline

Kick-Ass may not belong to the MCU or the X-Men franchise, but it is the home of this weird coincidence.  In that film, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters play close friends Dave and Todd. Strangely enough, they would both go on to play versions of Quicksilver in separate superhero franchises — one with more luck than the other.

Peters ended up as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, while Taylor-Johnson would portray the character in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, unlike Peters, Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver didn't survive his first appearance. Meanwhile, Peters has become a mainstay in the X-Men cast, appearing in Days of Future Past's sequel X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. 

Evan Peter's Quicksilver has become quite the fan favorite, which may be why the MCU chose not to resurrect its own Quicksilver.

8 You Can Actually Hear His Laugh

What does everybody have against Spider-Man? Sure, he's appeared a few stinkers in his pre-Avengers days, but for whatever reason he just doesn't have the popularity he used to. This meme takes a great moment from Spider-Man 2 to capture that reality, from a scene where Peter asks to get paid in advance. His boss J. Jonah Jameson (wonderfully portrayed by J.K. Simmons) bursts into a squealing, booming laughter in response.

Thankfully Spider-Man has been worked into the MCU and revitalized by Tom Holland and the hit reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming. Of course, there is still love for the Peter Parkers of the past — especially Tobey Maguire and his meme-worthy expressions. We miss you Tobey! You'll always be the OG.

7 Equally Effective

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hawkeye attempts to save a civilian until he is fired upon by Ultron piloting a Quinjet. Hawkeye, being a true hero despite his decidedly non-heroic abilities, prepares to sacrifice himself. Suddenly, Quicksilver appears behind him and takes all the fire instead, sacrificing himself for Hawkeye's safety.

Look, it's unfortunate that the MCU's Quicksilver was an underwhelming character. It is even more unfortunate that he died saving the butt of most MCU jokes. Sorry, Hawkeye fans, but it's true! Other than some spy training, he is an overwhelmingly average guy who knows how to use a bow. If you teach another Avenger how to use a bow and arrow, what does Hawkeye have left to bring to the table? Extra arrows? Let the poor guy go home to his family!

With that said, who does this offend more: Hawkeye, or the corpse of Quicksilver?

6 Much Better

If you're a true X-Men fan, then this joke doesn't need much explaining. Deadpool's appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a huge misstep in a film that was, in and of itself, a huge misstep. Not only did they give him all sorts of extra powers that were taken from other X-Men, but they omitted his costume and sewed his mouth shut.

In defense of the film, they actually tried to recreate his costume on Ryan Reynolds — literally on him. They even added diamond shapes over his eyes to emulate the look of his mask. Perhaps the creative team thought they were making a clever or inspired decision in doing so, but that just isn't Deadpool.

Thanks to the 2015 film, he's been restored to his former glory and the mouthless merc is a thing of the past. Has the MCU ever gotten a character as completely wrong as the X-Men franchise?

5 At Least We Have A Backup

This joke riffs on the recasting of Magneto from Sir Ian McKellen to Michael Fassbender, who currently holds the role. It's also a great Lord of the Rings reference! Thankfully, Fassbender is just as great in the role as McKellen was. Both actors are extremely talented and difficult to separate from the Magneto character.

If Disney ever works Magneto into the MCU, it will be likely hard to recast the character yet again. McKellen and Fassbender have won fans over, and it might be hard to accept another actor in the role. This goes for other X-Men characters as well, such as James McAvoy as Professor X and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Nobody knows what Disney will do with the X-Men, but hopefully some of these beloved actors get to keep their roles in ways that make sense for the MCU's overall story.

4 Totally Plausible Scenario

Who of the Captains is going to lead the Avengers after the war with Thanos: Captain America or Captain Marvel? While it all depends on the potential deaths in Avengers: Infinity War, it could be both of them!

Captain Marvel will make her official debut in 2019, and with the X-Men in Marvel's grasp, this conversation is all too possible. Deadpool may show up in the MCU eventually, so this just feels like a window into a potential future.

As a matter of fact, if Deadpool does appear alongside Earth's mightiest heroes, expect his comedy material to get a whole lot more meta. With all new characters and events to poke fun at, the Merc with a Mouth could somehow make the MCU even funnier.

Let's be real, though. Cap is probably going to die, right?

3 Okay, Maybe It's Not So Simple

Relatable much? It's just as confusing trying to understand the timelines in the X-Men films as it is to explain them. With branching timelines and events vaguely knocked in and out of continuity, the X-Men films largely ignore addressing whether or not the chronology of their movies makes any sense.

This meme only adds insult to injury by using Tony Stark's face in an Iron Man suit. The MCU hasn't been fractured by time travel and dimensional travel like the comics have, so it's vastly easier to understand — for now, that is. Infinity War will likely have universe-wide repercussions that could potentially involve time travel, multiverse theory, and tons of science fiction tropes that movie-going audiences aren't as used to as fans of the comics.

Until then, the X-Men continuity is a mess, and it's totally okay if you read about it and ended up looking like Tony.

2 Quicksilver v Quicksilver: Dawn Of Disappointment

Calling the Age of Ultron's Quicksilver "underwhelming" may have been a slight understatement. To be fair, he didn't get much of a chance to develop as a character after he was riddled with bullets in front of Hawkeye. Unfortunately for him though, X-Men's Quicksilver steals the spotlight and he arrived on the big screen first, to boot.

Although it is a more playful take on Quicksilver than what's in the comics, Evan Peters manages to play the character in a way that is witty, charming, and fun, His Quicksilver is often the star of the best action sequences in the recent X-Men film history. As a result, memes like this are rampant, hilarious, and true. Sorry, other Quicksilver! You seem nice, but you just can't compare.

1 Avengers Vs. X-Men

The real fight between these franchises doesn't lie within the characters, but with their tones! The X-Men franchise is slightly darker and more serious than most other superhero films. They're usually deeply seeded in their sci-fi roots, or more concerned with their themes of individuality and pride. Meanwhile, the MCU films are action romps where the heroes constantly spit jokes and one-liners.

Not only that, but the X-Men films are clearly more adult — at least when it comes to the use of strong language. A crossover between these two franchises would be amazing, if only to see how these characters interact. Sure, a big superhero battle à la Captain America: Civil War is all too likely, but seeing these heroes meet will make for some witty dialogue. If he thinks Logan is bad, wait until Cap meets Deadpool!


Do you have any Avengers or X-Men memes to share? What's your favorite from our list? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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