Avengers vs. X-Men Mashup Trailer

Fans have hoped for years to see characters from the X-Men and Avengers franchises sharing the screen together. Unfortunately, licensing issues and the financial success of the X-Men franchise at Fox makes that meet-up unlikely, if not impossible.

One fan has made that fantasy a reality... in a trailer, at least. Cutting together scenes from various movies in the two franchises, he's crafted a supercut trailer that envisions a possible X-Men vs. Avengers conflict that rivals the stories we've read in the comics.

The video appeared on Alex Luthor's YouTube channel, as the latest in a long series of fan trailers he's made. The trailer is very well cut, jumping from one clip to another to create a seamless narrative. The conflict revolves around mutant hysteria, with the government seeking to contain the mutant threat. There are some obvious beats similar to Captain America: Civil War (in part because some of the footage comes from that movie), but it also bears enough differences that it could easily stand on its own if it were a real film.

Avengers vs. X-Men fan trailer by Alex Luthor

Almost all of the footage and soundbites in the trailer come directly from Marvel or Fox films, though there are a few credits that he offers after the end of the trailer. He credits Trailer Redux for the Hulk vs. Wolverine footage that was used in the trailer to show the two heroes facing off. He also offers special thanks to Evan King for the music track 'This Will Destroy Us' and Razer for the track 'Convergence' in the battle portion of the trailer.

Interestingly enough, the trailer's creator has had some people attempting to call him out because the trailer is fake. He even had to post a message in the comments (and again in the description) pointing out explicitly that the trailer was made just for fun and wasn't trying to pretend to be a real trailer. Even the credits point out that "The video was made just for fun."

If there's one bad thing about the trailer, it's that we won't get to see the full movie in theaters later this summer. It provides a bit of wish fulfillment for the fans who long to see the X-Men and the Avengers together onscreen, and that's going to have to be enough for now. At least until the creators of Deadpool can convince the studios to let 'Pool crossover with Spider-Man.

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Source: Alex Luthor

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