Avengers: Secret Wars Short Introduces Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel takes on a giant frog in a new animated short teasing the premiere of Avengers: Secret Wars. For three seasons now, Avengers Assemble has offered fans of Marvel Animation a wide variety of adventures featuring heroes and villains from across the comics. Though focusing on the core team of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, and Falcon, a number of other superheroes have joined their ranks for missions and even whole arcs. Along the way, they've also fought some of the most infamous villains in Marvel Comics history. For the next season, the show will upend the status quo with a group of New Avengers.

Last week, word broke that the fourth season, retitled Avengers: Secret Wars, would deal with multiple dimensions, Battleworld, and a new villainous Cabal led by the gamma-powered super-genius the Leader. Following Avengers: Ultron Revolution, the original team is scattered and a new group has stepped in to save the world. Consisting of Vision, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, the Wasp, Black Panther, and Ms. Marvel, the New Avengers will fight the Cabal and help rescue their former teammates. And while the show won't air until July, today kicks off a series of six animated shorts featuring the members of the new team.

CBR has today's short, featuring Ms. Marvel as she battles a giant, weaponized frog and questions whether she's worthy to fight alongside the other Avengers. Introduced during the Inhumanity arc on the show, Ms. Marvel has featured in a few episodes to date, but next season will be her first time as a permanent fixture. We've heard for years that Marvel plans to introduce Ms. Marvel in more media, so it's no surprise to see her join the newer heroes from the MCU movies.

While the animation is of lower-quality than the regular show, it's still a fun way to get to know the new characters better and build excitement for Secret Wars' premiere. The other heroes have all fought alongside the Avengers in the past season, with Ant-Man even serving on the team for a time. Now, they'll take center stage after years of teases.

It's actually been a year since Marvel announced Secret Wars, with the promise of the New Avengers dating back to 2015's San Diego Comic-Con. Those announcements also promised the Jane Foster Thor will appear, alongside Agent Carter (who will be voiced by Hayley Atwell). The new season will also see the team face off against Kang the Conqueror, alongside the main members of the Cabal.

In the meantime, fans will likely use the appearance of Ms. Marvel to fuel speculation that she'll be joining the MCU. There have been rumors for years, and it's not hard to notice that every other hero on the animated series currently exists in the films or will within the next few years. Thanks to Ms. Marvel's history being tied up in Captain Marvel's past identity and the existence of Inhumans, there's no telling when or if she'll be able to appear in live-action. If that's the case, her role in Avengers: Secret Warwill have to tide fans over.

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Avengers: Secret Wars premieres with the one-hour installment “Avengers No More” on Saturday, June 17th on Disney XD at 11:30 AM EST.

Source: CBR

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