Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Joss Whedon on the Set of 'The Avengers'

Samuel L. Jackson shared a few behind-the-scenes details from 'The Avengers' set, including Joss Whedon's commitment to comic book authenticity.

Nick Fury Scar

It would be hard to deny that Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury - like Thor, Captain America, or Iron Man - is an integral piece of The Avengers group. His character has been featured in numerous Marvel Studios films, slowly planting the seeds that would inevitably lead to the fictional events of the blockbuster movie.

With that in mind, it's fair to say that Samuel L. Jackson has a unique perspective on the Marvel universe and, more importantly, the character of Nick Fury. Still, when it came to working with Avengers director Joss Whedon, a Marvel veteran in his own right, Jackson discovered a new level of devotion to these storylines and characters.

Speaking with Comic Book Movie, Jackson gave a brief retrospective on his Avengers work, and talked a little bit about the success of the movie since its May release. One of the most interesting things Jackson revealed was Whedon's attention to detail, most notably evidenced by his script.

When the actor would deviate from the lines Joss Whedon had written on the page, Whedon - rather than chalk it up to improvisation and let the scene play out - would ensure Jackson followed them to a T.

"He was very hands-on and he was always incredibly focused on set. Actors like to come in, look at the script and then say, 'I’m going to make this mine.' So I’d start saying words and then Joss comments, 'Wait a minute… That’s not what I wrote in the script.' He wanted us to say exactly the same words that he wrote because that’s how these comic book characters talk. He only had to tell me once and I got it right away. He understands the language of comic books and that’s how we needed to sound."

While some actors might look at this sort of direction as egotistical, Samuel L. Jackson was willing to give Whedon the benefit of the doubt. The director was not afraid to mess with previously established Marvel Studios canon (like Nick Fury's scar) either, especially if it meant delivering the most authentic comic book adaptation possible.

The difference between Fury's scar in previous films (Iron Man 2, Thor) and in The Avengers is something Jackson is surprised more fans haven't jumped on. Obviously, the intent was to give the character a scar that more closely resembles the one in The Ultimates comic book, even if it meant a little more time in the make-up chair for Jackson.

Nick Fury Scar

Along with some interesting stories from The Avengers set, Jackson talks a little bit about the success of The Avengers, which holds the record for biggest opening weekend of all time. Unsurprisingly, Jackson once again attributes that tremendous result to Whedon's comic book knowledge.

"Joss knows more about the comic book genre than most people, especially within this particular franchise. He has an understanding of the relationships of the characters and he understands the Marvel world. He put the story and the characters together in a very unique and wonderful way. "

This glowing evaluation from Samuel L. Jackson should put fans worried about The Avengers' future at ease, knowing that Whedon will write and direct at least one more Avengers film. Furthermore, his presence on future Marvel properties like the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show elevates the likelihood of that series being a success.

It's funny to think that at one point the Buffy and Angel creator couldn't keep a show on the air for more than a season, and now he's attached to some of the most profitable pieces of entertainment available right now.

The Avengers releases on DVD and Blu-Ray September 25th, 2012.


Source: Comic Book Movie

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