New Dev Studio Opened For Avengers Game and More

Avengers Project - Mjolnir

Video game developer Crystal Dynamics is opening a new studio and hiring new talent to work on Square Enix's Avengers Project. This could signal that the mysterious Marvel game may finally begin to move forward.

In January of last year, Marvel and Square Enix announced a "multi-year, multi-game" partnership that would begin with the Avengers Project. The game has yet to receive an official title. A teaser trailer showed off Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer. It was stated in the initial announcement that more details would be revealed in 2018.

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Crystal Dynamics has announced the opening of a new studio, Crystal Northwest, in Bellevue, Washington. The new studio is up and running as of today and is being led by Chad Queen and James Loe. One of the purposes of the new studio is to develop the Avengers Project. Crystal Dynamics has also hired developers who have worked on the God of War, Dead Space, and Call of Duty games. Many of these hires were for the company's main headquarters in California. Rod Rosenberg, the Co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics, says that the company is eager to "deliver a world-class Avengers experience for fans around the world."

Our new studio in Bellevue, and the new hires in Redwood Shores, represent our continued commitment to the most ambitious project we’ve ever created.

This is good news for those who have been waiting to learn more about the new Marvel game. While this announcement doesn't offer any specific details, it does mean that the game is still a top priority and more information may be revealed in the coming months as the developers continue to make progress. Fans were hoping to learn more at an earlier date, and were disappointed that the Avengers Project wasn't a part of Square Enix's presentation at E3 2018.

Very little is known about what the game is actually about, or even what gameplay players should expect. One rumor suggests that it could be a Marvel Ultimate Alliance reboot focused on characters associated with the Avengers. Other details have indicated that the game will involve online play and may be a third-person action adventure with a cover system, a common gameplay mechanic that helps players avoid gunfire.

Based on Marvel's parternship with Square Enix, the Avengers Project will likely be the first of many Marvel games for Square Enix. If the Avengers Project takes off and becomes a major hit, more Marvel properties can be adapted into video games. There may even be crossover potential with Spider-Man for the Playstation 4.

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