Avengers Project Reveal May Finally Happen at E3 2019

Avengers Project E3 2019

Two new teaser images from publisher Square Enix have fans speculating that the long-awaited Avengers Project will finally be revealed during the company's E3 2019 presentation. The Avengers Project was first teased in December 2017, and since then, virtually no information regarding the game has surfaced, despite being one of the most anticipated titles at the time of its announcement.

The Avengers Project is being developed by Crystal Dynamics, the long-time developers of the Tomb Raider series, in collaboration with Eidos-Montreal, the studio famous for Deus Ex. The talent behind the project is obviously exciting, and so is the description, a game that is apparently being designed for gamers worldwide and will, according to the studios behind it, feature characters, environments, and iconic moments that fans will be able to identify and enjoy. With Avengers: End Game wrapping up the MCU's over-arching story for now, it seems like the perfect time for Avengers Project to resurface and given fans something to look forward to in the future.

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The teased images from Square Enix that have kickstarted rumors of Avengers Project being at E3 2019 come from two different tweets that the company's official Twitter account released a month apart. The reminders feature a gold-bordered indicator that shows when the Square Enix press conference will take place, with a hashtag reminder and link to the company's website for the presentation. What keen-eyed fans have noticed, however, is the two other picture frames present in both tweets. It's now believed when comparing the two that the colors in those frames represent four of the Infinity Stones (Time, Space, Power, and Soul). With over two weeks to go before E3 2019 and just a yellow and red teaser away from a borderline confirmation, it's looking pretty likely that Avengers Project will be revealed at E3 2019. Here's the tweets:

The Square Enix official Twitter also has a header image that showcases two of the pictures in greater detail, with the green and blue "stones" on display. They don't really seem to hint at anything in particular as they're just clouded, so if the color is what fans are supposed to be paying attention to, it's a definite nod to the Infinity Stones.

Whatever Avengers Project is, it's been described as ambitious, with the studios still very much hard at work on it. It will also immediately rocket to the top of the most anticipated games of whatever year its targeting for release once fans know its launch date. Marvel and Square Enix's partnership is one of the juiciest in the industry, and we may finally get a look at what that collaboration will yield with an Avengers Project reveal at E3 2019.

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Source: Square Enix/Twitter (2)

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