Marvel's No Surrender Trailer Brings Avengers Series Together

A new teaser trailer for the Marvel Comics event "Avengers: No Surrender" brings together three teams of Avengers for an epic battle and teases the long-awaited return of the original Hulk.

With the launch of Marvel Legacy, Marvel announced "Avengers: No Surrender," a massive 16-part story lasting for four months that will unite all three Avengers series (The Avengers, U.S. Avengers, and The Uncanny Avengers) under a single title. Beginning in Avengers #675, "No Surrender" is set to change Earth's Mightiest Heroes forever. The story has been called the "end of an era" in the style of the 2000s story, "Avengers Disassembled," which saw the team collapse due to the reality manipulations of an unstable Scarlet Witch.

Marvel has released a teaser trailer for "Avengers: No Surrender" which features artwork from the upcoming storyline and comments from Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. Check out the trailer above.

With regard to the title, Brevoort calls "No Surrender" both "a rallying cry" and a "statement of a fact." According to Brevoort, the threats faced by the Avengers in the story is "a do-or-die situation" that could mean the end of the world. Meanwhile, Axel Alonso teases the epic scale of the event by comparing it to the movies, and says that in comic books they have an "unlimited special effects budget," making it possible for them to create setpieces that would be too expensive for the big screen.

The artwork shows every member of all three teams assemble to deal with disasters that are occurring all over the world. Not a lot is known about who is behind these disasters, but it's possible that Thanos could be involved, since the trailer includes an appearance from the Mad Titan's children, the Black Order. We also see Voyager, described as "the greatest Avenger you've never heard of." All fans know about this new character is that for some reason she has been mysteriously integrated into Avengers history.

At the end of the trailer, we see an image of the Hulk's face with a heart rate monitor line that proves that the Hulk is still alive. The Hulk's return was previously teased in Marvel Legacy #1. Bruce Banner's Hulk was killed during Civil War II by a special arrow from Hawkeye.

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The first chapter of "Avengers: No Surrender" begins in Avengers #675, which goes on sale in January.

Source: Marvel

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