Marvel's Mystery Villain Just Kidnapped Earth & Everyone On It

Marvel's next big event, "Avengers: No Surrender", starts off with a bang by revealing that some mystery villain has somehow "stolen" the entire planet. Earth has been moved, along with everyone on it. No one knows who could be responsible, but whoever this mysterious baddie is, it has to be someone with enough power to rival Thanos himself.

In the wake of the latest comic book relaunch, Marvel Legacy, the company announced that it would be merging all Avengers titles into one series. For a weekly three-month event, Marvel will launch "Avengers: No Surrender", which will begin with Avengers #675. Written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub, the story features a giant roster of heroes, consisting of characters from the main Avengers title, U.S. Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, and the previously cancelled series, Occupy Avengers. Marvel has teased that the storyline would bring about many shocking returns, while managing to include almost every current Avenger.

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At the beginning of Avengers #675, Captain Marvel is in outer space when she discovers that planet Earth is gone and declares that "something's stolen our planet." Meanwhile, the Earth is being plagued by natural disasters all over the planet. While all four teams of Avengers respond, their longtime butler, Jarvis, is critically injured in an attempt to rescue a young boy, leaving his fate in question.

Beast is able to figure out that the Earth has been "relocated," but isn't able to determine what caused it. To make matters worse, heroes all over Earth are inexplicably frozen, including Spider-Man, the Champions, and the X-Men. Perhaps most importantly, the Avengers are left-shorted, as several key members have been frozen as well. The Avengers are now left to deal with this new threat without the aid of Captain America, Black Panther, Vision, and Wasp.

At the end of the comic, the Avengers are visited by Voyager, a character Marvel has been teasing for a while. Avengers history has apparently been rewritten to include this new hero as a founding member of the team, though the Avengers are oblivious to the change. It remains to be seen how Voyager is connected to the planet's disappearance.

Though the identity of the villain who kidnapped the Earth still remains a secret, it's possible that the question will be answered in Avengers #676, which will feature a new incarnation of the Lethal Legion - as well as Thanos' children, the Black Order.

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The first chapter of "Avengers: No Surrender", Avengers #675, is available now. Avengers #676 releases next week.

Source: Marvel

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