Marvel Rewrites Avengers History With New Founding Member

"Avengers: No Surrender" is rewriting Marvel Comics history for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. In Avengers #676, it was revealed that a brand new character, Voyager, helped found the Avengers alongside Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hank Pym, and the Wasp. Voyager was also present for other pivotal moments in Avengers history, but was apparently erased from the timeline.

It was announced during the latest comic book relaunch, Marvel Legacy, that the company would merge all Avengers titles under a single series for a major event called "Avengers: No Surrender". Written by Mark Waid, Jim Zub, and Al Ewing, the story began in the first week of January with Avengers #675. "No Surrender" is a 16-part weekly story that will run for four months. The story has a roster of heroes that combines characters from the main Avengers title, U.S. Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, and the previously cancelled Occupy Avengers.

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In Avengers #675, a mysterious enemy kidnapped the Earth and immobilized many of its heroes. As a result, someone sent out a distress call to unite all available Avengers. At the end of the issue, we learned that the person who had issued the call was Voyager, someone who everyone but the fans was familiar with. In the following issue, the mystery behind Voyager was finally explained.

As it turns out, Voyager was there when the Avengers battled Loki in the very first issue. Voyager remained on the roster when the team was famously reshuffled in Avengers #16 in 1965. Another important moment changed by the retcon was the Vision's decision to join the team in Avengers #58. Hank Pym's famous line, "Even an android can cry," is now being credited to Voyager.

Voyager explains to her fellow Avengers that she was erased from the timestream during a mission involving the time-traveling villain, Kang the Conqueror. As she recounts the incident, fans will note that the event took place during Avengers #70 and #71, when the Avengers were used as pawns during a battle between the Grandmaster and Kang. Voyager was pitted against Victory, an opponent whose electromagnetic abilities reacted with Voyager's space-time powers to cause her to reach critical-mass. This is what erased her from the timeline and from the memories of her allies.

According to Voyager, the moving of the Earth "jolted" her back into phase, which also allowed the Avengers to remember her once again. Voyager's origins have yet to be revealed, but as "No Surrender" continues to unfold over the coming weeks, fans can expect to learn more about the new founding Avenger.

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The second chapter of "Avengers: No Surrender", Avengers #676, is available now. Avengers #677 releases next week.

Source: Marvel

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