The Avengers' Newest Recruit Is A Ghost Librarian

Ghost Librarian Ms. Chloe Joins The Avengers In Squirrel Girl Comic

Warning: SPOILERS for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #36

The latest issue of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has seen a ghostly librarian named Ms. Chloe recruited to join The Avengers. Strangely enough, Ms. Chloe isn't the oddest character to join the Avengers. She may, however, be the most deceptively powerful, even ignoring the general awesomeness possessed by all good librarians.

Ms. Chloe first manifested during the grand opening concert at Loud Louie's Dance Emporium - a new club catering to New York City's punk rock enthusiasts. With a mighty "shhhsh", Ms. Chloe not only managed to quiet the club-goers and the band on-stage - she was able to silence all of Manhattan Island! Even more impressively, she was able to send both Iron-Man and Squirrel Girl flying several city blocks with a single slap, when they tried to stop her from ripping the club apart.

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As Squirrel Girl (in her secret identity of college student Doreen Green) starts trying to research the most effective way to fight ghosts with her roommate, they discover that the site on which Loud Louie's Dance Emporium had been constructed had once been a library, which had closed down after years of improper funding. Armed with this knowledge and the fact that ghosts rarely fight other ghosts, Squirrel Girl tries to approach the ghostly librarian as a potential friend, while dressed as a ghost. This works quite well until Iron Man shows up with the rest of The Avengers and they too are sent flying by Ms. Chloe's slaps. Even Doctor Strange proves no match for Ms. Chloe, presumably because most of his magic requires him to speak out-loud.

Squirrel Girl and Ghost Librarian Fight Shriek And Claw

Following the old adage that, "if you can't beat them, join them" and the advice in a helpful book that advised that all librarians enjoy free food, books, silence and helping people, Squirrel Girl decided to change her plan of attack. She approached Ms. Chloe with an apple and a pile of books. Once pacified with this offering, Ms. Chloe opened up to Squirrel Girl with a written account of her tragic death and how she had been haunting the same space trying to keep it peaceful and quiet ever since. This gives Squirrel Girl a great idea - recruit Ms. Chloe as a superhero by asking for her help in keeping the peace around town.

Ghosts in general make for fantastic superheroes, as legions of Ghost Riders have proven in the past. Within the span of a montage and one costume change later, The Avengers have made their peace with Ms. Chloe and she's soon fighting alongside them and Squirrel Girl in the field. Unsurprisingly, Ms. Chloe's unique ability to silence people proves the perfect counter for sonic-based villains like Klaw and Shriek and the newfound sense of appreciation causes her to lift her ban on noise in the city. Squirrel Girl even goes one step further in helping her new ally, as the final page reveals that Ms. Chloe is now working as the night-shift librarian at Squirrel Girl's college library.

There may be some who will doubt the validity of Ms. Chloe's status in The Avengers. There will be some who say she can't possibly be that powerful and that stories in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl can't be considered cannon.  To them, we simply say "be quiet."

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #36 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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