Marvel's Avengers Finally Enjoy Some Naked Hot-Tubbing

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The Avengers' work is never done, whether it's fighting to resurrect half the universe in the MCU, or taking on the universe's nastiest magical monsters in the comics. But at least the comic versions of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America get to celebrate a job well done the way one always should: with some good, old fashioned skinny-dipping.

That's the bit of recreation highlighted in Marvel's preview of Avengers #21, following on the heels of the massive War of The Realms in a story titled, fittingly, "The Day After a Day Unlike Any Other." Although as the greatest heroes of Marvel's Universe strip down to enjoy a nice jacuzzi together, we doubt that the fans will see the occasion as unremarkable. Especially when Steve Rogers himself decides he can let his hair (and everything else) down for a brief bit of relaxation.

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Those who have followed the War of The Realms comic event know that the Marvel Universe will never be the same, either for the Avengers, or the god of thunder himself. They may not mention it in their undressed exchange, but Steve Rogers and tony Stark share the Avengers' "tub of hotness" with a certified King of Asgard, All-Father Thor. Even for the smartest and wealthiest hero on the planet and America's greatest soldier, that's got to be intimidating. But then, these are the Avengers we're talking about. Brothers, bonded in bloodshed and bravery. If they can't strip down an enjoy a nice soak, who can? Enjoy:

Avengers 21 Comic Preview 1
Avengers 21 Comic Preview 2
Avengers 21 Comic Preview 3
Avengers 21 Comic Preview 4

There are several reasons why this scene would never play out in a Marvel movie, despite the heroes played by Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey, Jr. earned the break as much as anyone (even if this comic Thor puts the movie version to shame). We suppose the odds of seeing Steve Rogers rest his "old bones" in a hot spring alongside "Tony Stark, the Invincible Jacuzzi Man" only decreased as the MCU took shape, getting more and more serious by the day. Still, that shouldn't stop any Marvel fan from enjoying every panel of Jason Aaron and Jason Masters's story, with the full issue arriving on Wednesday, July 10th.

Considering Thor's recent promotion, this lighthearted scene of him endlessly allowing the new, more powerful than ever Mjolnir to sink to the bottom of the spring, only to lift it back to the surface may be his last bit of fun in some time. No matter what threats the future may hold, fans can rest easy knowing that these three Avengers--like the three mighty Jasons who crafted the issue--will always have the hot tub. Read on for the full solicitation details below:

  • Published: July 10th, 2019
  • Writer: Jason Aaron
  • Art: Jason Masters, Jason Keith
  • The war is over, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are looking to celebrate. That’s right, there’s a party at Avengers Mountain! But who invited the Squadron Supreme of America?

The Avengers #21 will be available at your local comic book shop on July 10th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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