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Captain America in Marvel Comics versus The Movies

Though Marvel has altered many characters to adapt them for the screen thanks to their decades of existence, Captain America’s time-displaced origin allows much of his core story to stay intact. Debuting in 1941’s Captain America Comics #1, Steve

Rogers was introduced to readers at the height of World War II. Like in the movies, he’s a scrawny kid from Brooklyn who just wants to help with the war effort. After failing to join the Army multiple times, he’s finally brought into Dr. Erskine’s Project: Rebirth and given the Super Soldier serum that will transform him into a hero. He then spent nearly a decade fighting Nazis and enemies of America alongside Bucky Barnes before the dawn of the ‘50s saw superheroes falling out of fashion, and Cap’s comic was sadly canceled.

In a stroke of creative genius, however, Marvel was able to weave his return to comics into his story. After a test issue in 1963 by Stan Lee and Cap co-creator Jack Kirby drew a positive response, Marvel brought Steve Rogers back with The Avengers #4 in 1964. Similar to the movies, he’s discovered frozen in ice after a failed mission during the war that left everyone believing him dead. Though the movies bump back his rebirth a few decades, he still joins Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor as the leader of the Avengers and attempts to reconcile the new world he’s in with the life he left behind.

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