Tom Hiddleston Was 'Terrified' Making First Avengers Movie

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Actor Tom Hiddleston recently admitted that he was worried about going into The Avengers. Although it's hard to believe given the Marvel Cinematic Universe's success now, at the time, Hiddleston wasn't so sure that the concept would work.

Before Hiddleston took on the role of Loki in the MCU, he was mostly only known in the UK, mainly as a recurring cast member of the BBC's Wallander. In that series, Hiddleston worked with the man who would go on to direct the first Thor film, Kenneth Branagh. Hiddleston's take on Loki in Thor took the world by storm, launching the actor to superstardom. He went on to reprise the role of Loki for four more MCU movies, including The Avengers, where Loki became the MCU's big bad guy. Loki is now one of the most prominent fan-favorite characters of the MCU, all thanks to Hiddleston's portrayal of him.

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However, Hiddleston wasn't always so sure about the success of those films. At the recent Ace Comic-Con, as reported by, the actor opened up about being nervous when it came to the first Avengers movie.

"I remember being terrified making the first Avengers film because it wasn't a given that it was going to work. It only worked based on how hard we worked to make it work if that makes any sense."

Hiddleston's worries were unfounded. The first Avengers movie grossed a total of $1.5 billion worldwide. It became the third highest grossing movie of all time, with both Marvel fans and critics singing its praises. Hiddleston quickly became a star, with fans chanting "Loki! Loki! Loki!" everywhere he went. His performance as Thor's brother sent his career into overdrive, leading him to become one of the most recognizable actors in the world. Now, there are even rumors that Hiddleston could step into the shoes of another iconic character, James Bond.

It does seem, though, that Hiddleston's time as Loki has officially come to an end. The character died rather dramatically in Avengers: Infinity War. Although Loki has cheated death many times in the MCU, this time seems permanent. The death of Loki at the beginning of that movie set the tone for a film that was probably bleaker than any other that came before it. Although there are theories about Loki faking his death, Hiddleston isn't sure one way or the other and said: "Your guess is as good as mine."

Dead or not, Hiddleston's take on Loki left an impression with Marvel fans. Despite the actor having initial doubts about the success of the MCU, it all certainly worked out in the end. Now fans can't wait to see what Hiddleston does next.

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