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The Avengers is the comic book movie everyone is waiting for and one that may push the genre to a whole new level of franchising. With a large cast of world-famous talent, a director the geek community loves and the most potential of any comic book movie to date, The Avengers will do something never done before in the film industry and bring together all of the studio's key characters and star actors.

With the cast of heroes signed for the movie and production set to begin in February, the only question left may revolve around how much Marvel Studios will invest in the film's production and marketing.

According to Bleeding Cool, "certain people" are saying that Marvel is trying to keep a very tight budget on the production of The Avengers; so low in fact that it's being compared to what Sony invested in making the first Spider-Man back in 2002. Sony spent just under $140 million on Spider-Man and the same goes for what Marvel spent shooting the first Iron Man.

We have no idea who these "certain people" are or why what they're saying matters but Marvel has a very public history of being tight on spending, especially when it comes to signing talent such as Samuel L. Jackson and Iron Man director Jon Favreau who both experienced challenges joining the Marvel Studios franchise long-term after their first movie became a hit.

Realistically (and logically), it makes little sense for Marvel to halt the film's production for this reason or that they're trying to keep costs that low. It's clear they're banking everything, especially their future branding of the Marvel product using the "Avengers Assemble" tagline, on the movie. And with Disney (and their wealth) backing the studio, how can this be an issue? The Avengers is currently Marvel Studios' only theatrical release for 2012 and is locked into the key opening Summer weekend.

C'mon, Disney just dropped $115 million on buying back distribution rights for Iron Man 3 and The Avengers from Paramount. Marvel also spent $200 million on Iron Man 2 and that was a financial success, so would they plan a lower budget on their biggest movie? No.

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The other topic Bleeding Cool brings up is in regards to talent stepping away from the project because they don't believe it can be done, while others will work until the money runs out as they know more will come, but we haven't heard any news on that front and the principal cast, producers and director are all still in place.

Clark Gregg said it best, The Avengers is just the beginning and it will lay down the foundation for years to come. According to a Marvel exec, the studio has tentative plans for films leading up to 2017 and that all relies on The Avengers being done right and at the right time.

The Avengers opens in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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