The Avengers Should Become The Ultimates in Marvel Phase 4

The Avengers are the ultimate superhero team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What form Earth's Mightiest Heroes will take after the impending chaos that will occur thanks to the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 is anyone's guess. However, we know for sure there will be a Marvel Phase 4, kicked off by the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. And the world will still need the Avengers to protect it.

Some of the heroes may not survive their confrontation with Thanos over the Infinity Gauntlet, and speculation is rampant about what will happen in Avengers 4 - it may be an adaptation of Secret Wars or time travel may rewrite the history of the MCU as we know it. However things shake out, Tony Stark's nightmare will have come true: Stark was terrified by the sight of the Chitauri fleet at the conclusion of The Avengers, and his failure with Ultron was a result of him wanting to build a 'suit of armor around the world' to protect it from alien threats.

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Aliens coming to Earth, whether they are friendly like Thor or intergalactic menaces like Thanos, are now a fact of life in the MCU. In Phase 4 and beyond, the Avengers will have to rise to the challenge of continuing to meet alien threats. They must go the extra mile and become proactive to solve the problem of cosmic invaders. In short, the Avengers must become the Ultimates.


The MCU's version of the Avengers are actually based upon the Ultimate Universe's incarnation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes from the early 2000's. In those Marvel Comics, which introduced the idea of Nick Fury looking identical to Samuel L. Jackson and inspired Jackson's subsequent casting as the MCU's premiere super spy, the Avengers were called the Ultimates. However, the version of the Ultimates we refer to is from the more recent comics; the team formed as a result of the 2015 Secret Wars event as written by Al Ewing and originally illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort.

In today's Marvel Universe, the Ultimates are 'the ultimate team to solve the ultimate problems.' Comprised of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Ms. America Chavez, and Spectrum, the Ultimates are a space-faring unit whose primary goal is to solve the problems that would otherwise manifest and threaten the universe. Their first mission was to solve 'the problem of Galactus', the Marvel Universe's devourer of planets who has tried to eat the Earth more than once. The Ultimates are comprised of some of the Marvel Universe's most powerful and brilliant heroes, their scope is literally multiversal, and unlike the traditional superhero paradigm of reacting to super villains, the Ultimates proactively challenge the biggest problems facing the Marvel Universe.

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The Ultimates are what the Avengers need to become in Phase 4. Whatever happens with Thanos, the Black Order, and the Infinity Gauntlet, the greatest threats to the MCU are]going to keep coming from outer space. It will be paramount for the Avengers to organize themselves the way the Ultimates have in the comics, not just to react to the next invasion, but to go forth into space when need be to solve the problems before they even reach Earth.

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