Avengers & Justice League Fight Thanos & Darkseid in Fan Trailer

A new fan-made trailer pits the Justice League and Avengers against Thanos and Darkseid for what would be the most ambitious crossover yet.

A new fan-made trailer gathers the Avengers and Justice League as they team-up to take on Thanos and Darkseid. Avengers: Infinity War may be dubbed the greatest cinematic crossover ever, but it's arguably nothing compared to the possibility of seeing Earth's Mightest and World's Finest coming together for the ultimate comic book movie.

Marvel and DC's age-old print rivalry has carried on to their big screen adaptations with their own respective cinematic universes in the MCU and the DCEU. Many have weighed in on the debate, considering the different in the success rate of the two film series. But despite fans maintaining their personal favorites are the best heroes in superhero land (and fighting anyone who says otherwise), the notion of the franchises coming together for a collaboration is admittedly every comic book fans' dream - as proven by numerous poster mock-ups and trailer mashes like this one.

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Clocking in at two minutes, the fan-created trailer by Mightyraccoon! uses the second (and final) Infinity War trailer as the base of the video, only inserting DC's heroes in the frame and adding new voiceover of Darkseid speaking. The choices of team-ups, however, are interesting. Stark is obviously paired up with Batman (the Caped Crusader was even seen in the infamous Star-Lord sequence in the original preview) but also seen zooming to the sky with Superman following his lead. The Flash shares the frame with a swinging Spider-Man while Doctor Strange stands between Cyborg and Aquaman. Further, even characters who have yet to make the big screen debut in the existing DCEU canon such as Green Lantern (appearing with Scarlett Witch) and Darkseid (seen with Thanos) make an appearance. Check out the clip above.

At this point in the MCU and DCEU, seeing the Avengers team-up with the Justice League on the big screen is nothing more but a pipe dream. Both franchises have their own narratives going on with continuities to preserve. While the proposed crossover will definitely smash box office records considering the popularity of the comic book movie genre, it will take years of negotiations for Disney/Marvel Studios and Warner Bros./DC Films before the film even gets the green light - and that's if both film studios are open to discussing the project.

Nonetheless, that doesn't mean that it will never come to fruition, especially with Marvel’s Kevin Feige and DC’s Geoff Johns having worked together in the past. It's uncertain how long superheroes' reign in Hollywood will continue, but if the genre is to die down, what better way to revitalize it by seeing Marvel and DC superheroes together on the big screen, fighting side-by-side to defeat the ultimate villain? The comics have made it possible before with 1996 DC vs Marvel and 2003’s JLA/Avengers runs among others so narratively, it could work.

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Source: Mightyraccoon!

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