'Avengers' Iron Man Extended TV Spot: Arsenal in a Suit of Armor

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The world is slowly but surely experiencing the theatrical rollout of Marvel's The Avengers, and reports coming back state that it will indeed provide the good time that superhero fans (and casual moviegoers) will enjoy.

While we here in the United States wait for The Avengers to reach our shores (blaspheme!) there are a few promotional materials life to sift through, including today's extended TV spot for Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), which is meant to accompany the Captain America and Thor TV extended TV spots that were already unveiled.

Out of all of the Avengers team members, Iron Man probably needs the least amount promotion. Robert Downey Jr. has successfully made Tony Stark and his iron-clad alter-ego household names through sheer charisma and well-played humor - a trend that Avengers seems to embrace wholeheartedly.

Though his advancements in technology and armor style will probably have to be saved for the upcoming Iron Man 3 (as Avengers is concerned with so many other things), Iron Man is definitely getting some time to shine with his array of kick-ass weapons and combat sequences. From kicking Thor in the face to taking out whole squads of alien attackers, Iron Man is a force to be reckoned with.

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And, if  you've seen clips from the film like Tony Stark's impromptu meeting with Loki, or figuring out technological mysteries with Bruce Banner, it's clear that Tony Stark will have just as much to do outside of the armor as he does from within it. Good balance, for sure.

The Avengers will be in U.S. theaters on May 4, 2012. It is currently playing in international markets.

[If you've already seen the film, please carry on your discussions in our Avengers Spoiler Post - and not in the comment section here, where you could ruin the movie for fans who have not seen it yet. Thanks.]

Source: Marvel

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