Thanos Demands You Don't Spoil Avengers: Infinity War

The Russo brothers utilize Thanos to demand fans not spoil anything about Avengers: Infinity War to preserve the viewing experience.

In an effort to preserve the plot and secrets of Avengers: Infinity War, directors Joe and Anthony Russo are utilizing Thanos to demand silence. Marvel Studios has been building towards Infinity War for a decade, and its hard to believe the movie is this close. Production kicked off early last year, and even though some set photos surfaced, there is still plenty of Infinity War that remains hidden. This has remained true through the film's marketing, which is now in its final push, by delivering only two trailers.

The secrecy surrounding the blockbuster is unlike anything we've seen before for a MCU movie. But, with plenty of heroes potentially dying, its understandable why the studio is going to great lengths to keep the secrets as long as they can. Maintaining the surprises is one of the biggest reasons why Marvel moved its release date up so it debuts worldwide on the same day. Now, the directors are enlisting their villain to help keep the mystery.

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The Russo brothers shared a letter today on social media, asking fans around the world to be mindful of their reactions to Avengers: Infinity War. After all of this build up, the Russos want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to see the movie without being spoiled - because Thanos demands your silence.

This message comes as the press tour for Infinity War begins, and as special fan screenings are imminent. Those showings are only going to reveal part of the movie, but even then, there's potential for spoilers to surface as Thanos may not wait very long to make his presence felt. This note in no way guarantees that the secrecy will be kept for another few weeks, but it will hopefully be a reminder to everyone to watch what they say and when they say it.

As the Russos ask to stay silent on Infinity War, they did however further tease just how surprising it will be. There letter says that, "Only a handful of people know the film's true plot," which is sure to only raise more questions. The plot appeared to be rather straightforward in regards to Thanos hunting down Infinity Stones. But, if the "true" plot is something more mysterious beyond that, then there could be aspects to Infinity War that nobody is even thinking about. Whatever it winds up being and however Thanos shakes up the MCU, the wait is almost over for everyone to see how it plays out. So, just keep this message in mind and allow everyone to experience Avengers: Infinity War without being spoiled beforehand.

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