Wendy's Burns McDonald's With Savage Infinity War Meme

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SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War ahead.

Fast food chain Wendy's just released a hilarious burn of McDonald's inspired by Avengers: Infinity War in the form of a savage meme. The meme directly references a scenario that takes place during the movie's final act.

In a clever social media marketing strategy, Wendy's is capitalizing off of Infinity War's success by using a pivotal moment from the movie as a form of negative campaigning against their competition, McDonald's. In the final moments of Infinity War, after Thanos successfully utilizes the power of all six Infinity Stones and wipes out half the universe, various members of the Avengers fade into dust. Characters like T'Challa/Black Panther, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and Groot slowly disappear one by one, and are officially killed off - though they'll undoubtedly return in or after next year's Avengers 4.

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So, as a way to promote the fact that Wendy's beef is always fresh, while McDonald's continues to freeze their ingredients, the company created and posted a meme to Twitter that borrows from Infinity War, showcasing a McDonald's Big Mac fading away. In the past year or so, the official Wendy's Twitter account has gravitated to a decidedly personalized and comedic format, crafting clever attack ads against competing companies. In this case, they tweeted the Infinity War-inspired meme with the caption: "TFW yo beef's still frozen." Then, underneath the photo of the fading Big Mac, they added dialogue for the burger that reads, "I don't feel so good" - directly referencing Peter Parker's line from the movie in the scene when he fades away.

Wendy's' tweet has garnered a lot of attention, with followers tweeting back to the company in support of their comedic burn. However, when some followers questioned Wendy's tactics, accusing them of not fully understanding Marvel comics, Wendy's defended themselves by proving their knowledge. After Wendy's responded to their own meme by tweeting, "We're getting those stones," another user stated their frustration with the company, explaining that the Infinity Stones aren't, in fact, stones, but gems. Wendy's then specified that they were referring "to the movies, not the comics," and that the gems will get a nod once they "bust out as Shuma Gorath on Marvel Super Heroes," referring to the one-eyed extradimensional demon from the comics.

As savage as Wendy's is behaving against McDonald's in this scenario, this isn't the first time that their Twitter account has roasted competing fast food companies - nor is it the first time they've referenced the film industry. Back in December 2017, they revealed their favorite movies of the year, which included Lady Bird, The Big Sick, Get Out, Loganand Blade Runner 2049. This led to official Twitter accounts for film studio A24 and movie review site Rotten Tomatoes weighing in on the tweets and creating a surprisingly informative dialogue about Wendy's opinion on movies.

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