Marvel Studios has undertaken its most ambitious project to date with Avengers: Infinity War and the fourth Avengers film being shot across the globe. The production began in Atlanta, but filming has since moved abroad, bringing with it the potential for certain scenes to be captured by lurking shutterbugs hoping to catch a glimpse of heroes doing battle.

Production has recently been in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has featured the arrival of Paul Bettany’s Vision, as well as Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow — both of whom were revealed via set photos. The images left quite a bit up to the imagination, as the photos weren’t exactly forthcoming with plot details. However, a new video taken near the set reveals Vision under attack by some mysterious individuals before being whisked away.

Twitter user Mundo Vengador captured the scene, as the Vision collapses on the ground and is then pulled up into the night sky.

This is only a small piece of a larger scene, but there could still be some interesting things to take away. While the appearance of the Black Order has not been announced just yet, Terry Notary recently confirmed he is playing Thanos’ henchman, who is one of the four main members of the group. It has been speculated that Notary and others will bring Thanos’ legion to life and this video could very well offer fans their first look at the Mad Titan’s go-to guys.

Though the quality of the video is not great, it’s plain to see both figures are wielding staffs of some kind. It also appears as though the performers are in mo-cap suits thanks to the white markings on their bodies. This could lead to a few different options with regard to the Black Order. The large figure closest to Vision could wind up being Corvus Glaive, with the CGI build bringing the alien and his glaive to life. Meanwhile, the alien that is barely visible in the video may turn out to be Proxima Midnight, but it’s impossible to tell at this point.

As for Vision, an attack on him by the Black Order — or any alien species under Thanos’ control for that matter — could ultimately be the beginning of the end for him. With his power and life being drawn from the Mind Stone firmly placed in his forehead, the Mad Titan will need to take that to complete his Infinity Gauntlet.

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Source: Mundo Vengador

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