Avengers 3 Has 'Most Exciting Plotline' For Vision & Scarlet Witch

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Vision and Scarlet Witch are getting their best storyline yet in Avengers: Infinity War according to Paul Bettany. Long-serving as the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S., Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon made good on an arc they previously teased Bettany with by making him a proper superhero in his own right come Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was here that audiences first got to meet Vision (created from and powered by the Mind Stone), giving Bettany a much larger role in the MCU. He quickly struck up a relationship with fellow newcomer Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), one that has started to become romantic.

Their interactions and split viewpoints in Captain America: Civil War divided what would undoubtedly be the MCU's most powerful couple, but Infinity War looks like it will bring them back together in a big way. Set photos have teased the blossoming romance, but it may be short-lived should Thanos get the Mind Stone for himself.

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The stakes are high for both Vision and Scarlet Witch in Infinity War, leading to an exciting story for each. Bettany recently appeared at Wizard World Comic-Con in Chicago and briefly teased the storyline the duo will follow in a Q&A shared by Fansided. He obviously can't divulge any concrete details, only offering up the following tease: "I think, for both Lizzie and I, it’s the most exciting plotline of each of us so far."

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With their relationship only truly beginning and the impending threat of Thanos, it makes plenty of sense why Infinity War (and presumably Untitled Avengers) will have a great story for two heroes. Getting to see them work together to hide their relationship, risking everything to be together should add some depth to both characters and make their relationship that much more impactful. Unfortunately for Vision, this could also just be laying the groundwork to make his potential death that much more difficult to digest.

Since the Mind Stone is firmly embedded in Vision's head, the thought for the last several years has been that Thanos will come to Earth and rip out the stone to fully utilize the Infinity Gauntlet - killing Vision in the process. For what its worth, Bettany has also teased that Vision may be able to live without the Mind Stone. This could be a way for Marvel to strike fear into audiences when it happens, only to show that Vision will ultimately be okay, or this is Bettany trying to add to the suspense, giving fans hope that Vision will continue on when in fact he will meet his end.

Either way, there is clearly a lot of potential for these characters and their stories in Infinity War. As long as they are given the necessary amount of screen time needed to make true on Bettany's tease remains to be seen, but with the Russo brothers already juggling several character arc in Civil War well, they will hopefully achieve the same with an even bigger cast.

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Source: Fansided

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