Star-Lord Mocks Thor in New Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot

Star-Lord pokes fun at Thor's Asgardian accent as he hilariously declines the invite to join Earth's Mightiest Heroes in a new Avengers: Infinity War TV spot. Fans know from the trailers that the God of Thunder will be the bridge to rope in the Guardians of the Galaxy in the upcoming battle against Thanos. And while many presumed that the galactic heroes will right away jump into the conflict considering they're now good-doers, not to mention Nebula's and Drax's ties to the Mad Titan, as it turns out, they (or at least Peter) aren't initially thrilled to join the conflict.

As the whole world gears up for the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, the multi-city press tour for Infinity War has begun with some of the cast and crew visiting Brazil, Mexico, and the United Kingdom with some other stops in the next several days in Asia before its premiere in Los Angeles. While the people involved in the project are busy promoting the film, Marvel Studios and Disney continue to release promotional spots that keep the hype train running until the film's theatrical debut, and this is the latest one from the bunch.

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The TV spot (via features the continuation of the initial interaction between Thor and the Guardians after Odinson crashed on the Milano's windshield. After regaining consciousness with the help of Mantis, the Asgardian King invites the cosmic heroes to join the Avengers in fighting Thanos - which Star-Lord declines by mimicking the God of Thunder's accent. If anything, this preview solidifies Star-Lord's role to be the quippy guy who provides the comedic relief to break the tension in scenes; that's a good thing, just as long as it doesn't undermine the seriousness of the situation they're in. So far, Quill's snarky remarks, including the hilarious back-and-forth he had with Stark in the second trailer, seem to be well-placed and well-timed. Check out the clip above.

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers Infinity War

The Guardians will join the bout against Thanos, leading Star-Lord and some of his teammates to come across Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man in Titan as they try to contain the supervillain before he can wreak any more havoc. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they will be successful in their endeavors given that the Mad Titan eventually makes his way to Wakanda for Vision in what will be Infinity War's third act. Considering the heroes that partook in the cosmic battle haven't been spotted in any of the footage set on the African nation, it's uncertain how their attempt at defeating their foe went down, and what happened to them.

Other than Thor's hilarious interaction with Quill and the rest of the Guardians, the Avengers: Infinity War spot also includes a slew of new footage such as Doctor Strange talking (presumably to Stark) about how Thanos can destroy Earth in the Sanctum Sanctorum. New angles of the massive battle in Wakanda can likewise be seen, including one with a short appearance of M'Baku all riled up and War Machine flying through the battlegrounds.

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