New Look at Avengers: Infinity War Coming Monday

On Monday March 12th, Entertainment Tonight will present an exclusive look at Avengers: Infinity War., sending viewers behind the scenes on the film's sequences in Wakanda.

These are exciting times to be a Marvel fan. Black Panther is continuing its meteoric rise at the box office, officially breaking $1 billion worldwide. But many are turning to the next Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War, which will unite the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy against the threat of Thanos. The last week saw a wealth of new details revealed by an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, and fans are eagerly awaiting the full trailer.

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While it can't be long before a second trailer breaks, the reality is that Marvel's marketing for Infinity War is pushing full-steam ahead. It seems that Monday's episode of Entertainment Tonight will feature an Infinity War exclusive, taking viewers behind-the-scenes on Marvel's biggest blockbuster to date.

The teaser promises to take Marvel fans behind-the-scenes on the film's third act, which is entirely set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda. It makes sense for Marvel to focus their marketing on the Wakandan segment; there's a neat synergy between Infinity War and the current success of Black Panther. Marvel visionary Kevin Feige recently confirmed that Wakanda will become an "anchor point" for the MCU going forward, especially as other "anchor points" - such as Asgard - have been destroyed. Meanwhile, Black Panther characters like Letitia Wright's Shuri have been confirmed for Infinity War, and Marvel has promised they'll play a major role in the ongoing story of the MCU.

The first Infinity War trailer closed with some shots from the third act, showing Thanos's armies invading Wakanda. The Avengers assembled in Wakanda's defense, charging into battle alongside the Dora Milaje. It was a stunning shot, and has cemented Infinity War's place as Marvel's most hotly anticipated movie to date. Meanwhile, recent spoilers have suggested Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy will arrive on Earth during the climactic battle. This will be the moment every Marvel fan has waited a decade for as the might of all Marvel's heroes will be united against Thanos and his Outrider army. But even with every Marvel Studios hero to date on their side, can the army of Wakanda possibly prevail against the Mad Titan and the power of the Infinity Stones?

Tomorrow night's episode of Entertainment Tonight will clearly be a must-watch. Right now, every Infinity War detail is being sifted through by eager fans, desperate to know what Marvel has in store. This may not be a second trailer, but it's sure to leave fans thrilled.

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