Tessa Thompson Teases Fans About Where Valkyrie Is In Infinity War

This post contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War


Tessa Thompson is teasing her social media followers about Valkyrie's absence in Avengers: Infinity War. Introduced in last fall's Thor: Ragnarok, the character became a quick fan-favorite and many were excited to see her on the big screen again. Given that Valkyrie was on the Asgard refugee ship at the end of Ragnarok (where Infinity War picks up), it stood reason to believe she would show up in Infinity War. However, the crossover event came and went without even addressing Valkyrie. Presumably, she was part of the half of the Asgardian population Thanos spared.

With the number of characters Infinity War had to work into its narrative, there obviously wasn't going to be enough screen time for all of the MCU's heroes (just ask Hawkeye or Ant-Man). However, viewers felt Valkyrie was a particularly glaring omission and have wondered about her whereabouts during the massive conflict. Thompson herself is getting in on the fun with some amusing and fittingly on brand (for her) pictures on Twitter.

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As Thompson has in her Twitter bio, she mostly talks about goats. The ongoing joke has caught on so well with her followers, there's a Twitter account called tessa as goats, which posts side-by-side photos daily. A recent picture is an entertaining Photoshop job of Bucky Barnes holding a little goat, which Thompson gave the caption, "me in Infinity Wars." See it for yourself above.

While the gag is funny, it doesn't do much to clear up the mystery of where Valkyrie is in Infinity War. It'll be interesting to see when she shows up again next in the MCU. Thompson was spotted in Edinburgh last year during Infinity War production, causing some to believe she'd show up in the team-up. It's important to remember Infinity War filmed back-to-back with Avengers 4, so it's possible Valkyrie is part of next summer's sequel, helping to boost Earth's Mightiest ranks after half the universe was wiped out. Of course, Thompson was never officially confirmed for the massive ensemble (when Avengers 4 only actors like Paul Rudd were), meaning Valkyrie may not be in Marvel's immediate plans. Fans will probably have to wait until Phase 4 to see her again.

At some point sooner or later, Marvel will have to bring Valkyrie back to the fold. She was an instrumental part of Ragnarok, and it would be strange if she never turned up again. As for why it's so difficult to pinpoint when audiences will reunite with the fierce warrior, it's due to Marvel being super-secretive about what's on the docket for Phase 4. They aren't going to announce more movies until after Avengers 4 in an effort to keep the focus on the now. Thompson has been at the forefront of the charge for an all-female superhero movie, so maybe Marvel will make that happen.

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