Avengers: Infinity War Gets the Retro Trailer Treatment

A fan-made Avengers: Infinity War trailer puts a retro spin on Marvel's highly-anticipated blockbuster. The official trailer for the superhero epic was a treat for fans, breaking viewership records and hyping up a movie that is already so buzzed half a year before it debuts. This new one, however, takes things in a different direction by imagining what the film would look like if it brought together various Marvel TV shows from the past.

It's difficult to imagine how the MCU would look like without its main characters. In its 10 years, Marvel Studios has nailed its casting process that even though some of them sounded ridiculous at first, once they get in character, they actually worked well. Having said that, there was a time when the Marvel movie and TV adaptations looked a lot different than what we have right now. This new old school-inspired Infinity War trailer takes us down memory lane and reminds us what these characters looked like a couple of decades ago.


From YouTube content creator Darth Blender, the two and a half minute-clip (which you can watch above) rounds up Earth's Mightiest Heroes as Thanos looms in the shadow, waiting for the right time to strike. However, instead of the usuals like RDJ, Ruffalo, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, this version incorporates previous incarnations of Marvel heroes played by other actors mainly from the '80s and '90s. Included are the likes of Reb Brown as Captain America and Burt Reynolds as Tony Stark, Peter Hooten's Doctor Strange, Nicholas Hammond's Spider-Man, as well as Eric Allan Kramer's Thor and, of course, Lou's Ferrigno Hulk. Meanwhile, even before David Hasselhoff was Peter Quill's imaginary dad in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he was Nick Fury, and he, too, shows up in the clip.

The video creator took it one step further with the addition of Eddie Murphy's Falcon, Jean-Claude Van Damme's Winter Soldier, Chuck Norris' Punisher, Leonora Ruffo's Black Widow, and Dennis Quaid's Star-Lord, alongside his own version of Alf's Rocket Raccoon. But if that's not enough manpower to thwart Thanos' evil plans, the Fantastic Four also gets thrown into the mix, although this version goes way past Fox's two attempts cracking the foursome. Instead, Alex Hyde-White's Reed Richards, Rebecca Staab's Sue Storm, Jay Underwood's Johnny Storm, and Carl Ciarfalio's the Thing from the Roger Corman-directed unreleased movie featuring Marvel's first family was the iteration chosen for the video giving it a much older vibe.

While the clip is definitely dopey, it also perfectly exhibits how far Marvel has come when it comes to adapting their comics books to the big or small screen. The MCU is the amalgamation of countless times of trying to get it right. Some view the  franchise's climb to the top as a walk in the park, when in fact, despite not officially being part of the MCU, these shows (some decent, some not) prove that there was a period in time where these characters weren't as cool and mainstream as they are now.

Many are expecting that the current fad surrounding comic book IPs, specifically the ones from Marvel Studios, will eventually wear out similar to what happened with Western films. We're not sure if that will be the case, but if anything, Marvel boss Kevin Feige and his cohorts are trying to consistently up their game in every project they roll out. And with the impending deal between Disney and Fox just about done, it's safe to say that chances are, the MCU will only continue to evolve moving forward.


Source: Darth Blender

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