What Time Will The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Release Tomorrow? [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Good Morning America has announced it will have the exclusive premiere of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. This means the trailer will debut early morning, per our original prediction most likely at 9am EST/6am PST. The original article and speculation is below.

Tomorrow.@Avengers: #InfinityWar.

World trailer premiere.

Only on @GMA.

— Good Morning America (@GMA) November 28, 2017

The wait is finally over: Marvel have announced that the Avengers: Infinity War trailer will finally arrive tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28. But at what time? They haven't said, and so while MCU fans are getting hyped for their first proper look at the epic team-up, they're also dreading the endless wait and refreshing of their YouTube channel.

Fortunately, we can figure out when exactly it'll hit by looking at common practice for the industry and Marvel. For the most part, trailers are released during US working hours for optimal social reaction and coverage by news outlets; sure, sometimes there are outliers - like New Mutants, which released at midnight PST - but those are exceptions that prove the rule. Beyond that, they're usually on the hour, which means you can cut back on the constant checking.

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Marvel, specifically, have a pattern too, dropping trailers at either 9am EST/6am PST or 12pm EST/9am PST. Odds are strong on it being at one of these two times. Which one is impossible to say as they vary without much of a clear pattern, but they're nevertheless safe bets.

One alternative possibility would be the trailer being revealed during Jimmy Kimmel Live. This was the case with the teaser trailer for fellow May release Captain America: Civil War two years ago and Spider-Man: Homecoming last year (both in late-November/early-December, no less), as well as the official trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in February. This is part of Disney's cross-promotion, using their hit ABC late-night show to put the major Marvel tentpole to as big an audience as possible. However, these are typically accompanied by a related guest, and tomorrow Kimmel has James Franco (promoting The Disaster Artist) and Brooklynn Prince (The Florida Project) as his only listed talent. It is worth noting there's a missing third guest on his show and unconfirmed musical guests, but the lack of confirmation - Marvel usually likes to make these special drops known ahead of time - would make it an unlikely spot.

This would also rule out a reveal on Good Morning America. This is another ABC show popular for Disney synergy, but again always comes with noteworthy pre-hype. It appears that, for Infinity War, Marvel are going to simply push it themselves.

With that in mind, 12pm EST/9am PST is the favorite for the Avengers: Infinity War drop - the early slot is often linked to that GMA reveal, with the later one favored for releases solely on Marvel's social media channels.

Whenever it's released, be sure to stick with Screen Rant for both the trailer itself, as well as a series of breakdown articles.

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