Fan Concocts Formula to Predict Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Drop

A brand new fan theory emerges online speculating that the much-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War trailer may drop sometime this month.

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A new fan theory suspects our first look at Avengers: Infinity War may arrive this last week of October. Those fans who were not among the lucky D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con attendees treated to an event-exclusive sizzle reel of the film are still waiting for a peek at what's to come in the Marvel Studios spectacle, and are continuing to look for clues about when the official trailer will drop.

Of course, a version of the sizzle reel is floating around online (despite Marvel technically forbidding the reproduction of the footage), and some have already watched it. But for others who would rather play by the rules and wait for the official trailer, a possible new clue hinting as to when we'll get our first look at the much-anticipated ensemble flick has emerged on the Internet.

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In Marvel Studios' subforum thread on Reddit, a user with the handle MCUfeld predicts that the Infinity War snippet might be rolled out sometime in the few remaining days of the month. The fan's basis for this theory is a time-chare of when the first trailers for the last two Avengers films debuted, given that they - like Infinity War - were theatrically released in the first week of May. As it turns out, both The Avengers and sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron saw their first teasers released on October 11 and 22, respectively, giving the source the idea that in light of tradition, Marvel Studios could also rollout the first Avengers 3 trailer this month.

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Again, however, before we get too attached to the idea that the trailer will indeed arrive in the next few days, this is nothing but a calculated theory from a fan who has a knack for good research and connecting the dots. Having said that, we're not totally opposed to the idea of being surprised by the highly anticipated first look at Marvel's most ambitious project to date. After all, company co-President Louis D'Esposito said earlier this month that the sneak peek is already in the process of being finished while Kevin Feige promised that it will out before the year ends. 

This is not the first time that trailer date speculation for Avengers: Infinity War has made the rounds on the internet. Last month, word had it that it will debut alongside the small screen release of ABC's newest Marvel series, Inhumans. Obviously, that did not go as expected. The long-running speculation, however, which seems to have more merit now that Black Panther's second look has already been rolled out, is that Avengers 3's trailer will be attached to Thor: Ragnarok due November 3rd. Another possibility is that it could come out alongside Star Wars: The Last Jedianother Disney property, in December. Otherwise, Marvel could just randomly drop it, regardless of when and how, as the trailer is still expected to generate substantial interest and views from both fans and the general moviegoing public.


Source: Reddit

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