Infinity War's Doctor Strange Torture Recreates A Dangerous Comic Moment

Doctor Strange and Ebony Maw in Avengers Infinity War

Thanks to the latest look at Avengers: Infinity War, we know another big moment from the comics will be in the film - which is bad news for Doctor Strange. When it comes to Marvel adapting coming storylines for the comics, they often use them as broad inspiration. Naturally, the MCU is a different universe than the one on the page, so fans generally get homages and Easter eggs rather than exact copies. A key Silver Surfer moment will be in Avengers 3, but with the Hulk subbing in and kicking off the story like the cosmic hero did in Infinity Gauntlet.

There's no telling how many moments from Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War will be in Avengers 3, but another comic seems to have a big influence on the film. Unlike the book the movie takes its name from, Avengers: Infinity War is adapting much of Jonathan Hickman's Infinity. The Black Order and their invasion of Earth with Thanos is the driving force of that arc, and Cull Obsidian and the Outriders laying siege to Wakanda is a key plot point. Now, we know another brutal moment will be pulled from the page.

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Thanks to the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer, we have a lot more information about the film and a better idea of the different teams that will be involved. We also got a much better look at the four members of the Black Order who made it over from the comics. In particular, we see Ebony Maw torturing Doctor Strange with spikes. In the comics, Maw uses his psychic powers to manipulate others rather than get his hands dirty, and that's probably what we're witnessing in the scene in question. And, given something incredibly similar happens in Infinity, Doctor Strange and the Avengers could be in trouble.

When Thanos comes to Earth in Infinity, his goal is to find the Infinity Stones and his long-lost son. That second part likely won't be in the film, but the first certainly is. And as Doctor Strange wields the Time Stone, that puts him in the crosshairs. In the comic, he's part of the Illuminati and actually knows where all the Stones are. Given the Sorcerer Supreme is a powerful opponent, Thanos dispatches Ebony Maw straight away to work his skills on the good doctor and keep him out of the battle. In the end, Strange not only helps Thanos locate the Stones but he's actually turned against the Avengers thanks to Maw's tampering.

The specifics aren't known, but a similar torturous encounter is clearly unfolding in the trailer. We don't know if we're seeing a mere homage or something more, although the idea of Doctor Strange turning on the Avengers would be an interesting twist. It could also set up a rocky relationship between him and the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, most of whom don't know him yet.

As more about Avengers 3 is revealed, expect a lot more references to the comics. Gamora's 'snap' moment in the trailer is also a pretty big reference to Infinity Gauntlet, so it's safe to assume multiple Thanos stories will serve as inspiration for the movie. With just a little over a month until it hits theaters, we're sure to see more nods to the source material as we countdown to Avengers: Infinity War.

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