Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Gets a Disney Animation Makeover

Avengers Infinity War Disney Characters

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer just got an animated Disney makeover. When Disney bought Marvel back in 2009, there was some initial fear that the House of Mouse would put too much of a discernible stamp on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, robbing the movie franchise of its occasional adult themes and catering too much to a younger audience. Luckily, that wasn't the case, and Marvel Studios has been in good hands with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

However, if you ever wondered what the MCU might look like if the franchise went full-Disney, a fresh mashup trailer brings all of your childhood memories to the frontline.

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Here's a breakdown of which Disney characters double as the characters from the original Infinity War trailer in this mashup (itself an IGN exclusive): Tony Stark is Aladdin; Bruce Banner is the Beast; Doctor Strange and Wong are the Genie and the Magic Carpet, respectively; Wanda Maximoff and Vision are Lady and the Tramp, respectively; Thor is Hercules; Natasha Romanoff is Belle; Peter Parker is Max Goof; Loki is Scar; Thanos is Jafar; Proxima is Gaston; T'Challa is Sebastian; the Outriders are a school of fish from The Little Mermaid; Corvus Glaive is the rat from Lady and the Tramp; the Infinity Gauntlet (which may as well be a character) is the lamp from Aladdin; Bucky Barnes is Peter Pan; Sam Wilson is Zazu; and the Guardians of the Galaxy are the toys from Toy Story. Even the Hulkbuster suit gets Disney-fied by way of Quasimodo.

Thanos Jafar

Witnessing Disney characters take over the MCU is amusing, but the way that some scenes from the trailer sync up with their Disney parallels is especially satisfying. The noteworthy Infinity War trailer moments perfectly recreated here include Wanda and Vision staring lovingly into each other others eyes; Peter riding the school bus, reacting to something outside, and later even swinging from ropes a la Spider-Man; and Thor using all of his strength to push (or pull) some massive contraption apart (or together).

Infinity War is five months away, but the anticipation for the film is tangible. So, don't be surprised as the Internet continues this trend of extracting every ounce of Avengers property for the sake of anticipatory entertainment. So far, the Infinity War teaser trailer alone has already broken the single-day trailer views record, and in a fandom this strong, it's expected. (And yes, as would be also be expected, the internet's meme game is especially strong as well.)

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Source: IGN

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