Infinity War Fan Trailer Assembles Clips in Chronological Order

A fan has taken all the available footage from various Avengers: Infinity War trailers into edited them into 'chronological' order. After a decade spent building up an expanded universe of movies and TV shows, Avengers: Infinity War will unite nearly all of the major - and minor - characters of the MCU for a desperate battle against Thanos. The sheer amount of characters who'll be teaming up mark the movie as one of Marvel's most ambitious to date, and it will also be paying off a decade of storylines.

For actors like Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr, Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel mark the end of their multi-picture contracts with Marvel, leading to speculation the movies will kill major characters. Given the stakes of the story it looks likely some important heroes will die permanently, and Kevin Feige has already confirmed the movie will be a finale of sorts for the current version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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While numerous fan theories have cropped up surrounding how the story will play out, Marvel has managed to preserve a lot of the big secrets of Avengers: Infinity War. Now a fan dubbed Johnny B2K has taken all the footage found in various trailers and clips and edited them into one epic trailer. The promo presents itself as the likely 'chronological' order of the story, opening with Thor and Loki being captured by Thanos, followed by Thor being recovered by the Guardians, Scarlet Witch and Vision being rescued by Captain America and Black Widow and so on.

Of course, the trailer is edited together based on how the uploader thinks the story will likely play out, so the plot order should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, the film will likely be intercutting the various stories together, instead of the strict chronological order seen in this edit. That said, it's an impressive effort, and one that shows how the movie will balance the massive cast of characters.

One Avenger who's been noticeably absent from the line-up in various posters and trailers is Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). While the character is likely to make some kind of appearance, he hasn't been featured on any promo material, and while he's far from the most iconic hero in the franchise, some fans are so disappointed with the lack of Hawkeye promos they've launched a petition calling on Marvel to feature the character in marketing.

The big worry with Avengers: Infinity War is that having so many plotlines and heroes to follow will unbalance the movie, but directors the Russo brothers have already shown with Captain America: Civil War that it's possible to balance a large cast with a clear narrative through-line – and given the quality of their previous MCU adventures, there's every reason to believe this could be their best entry yet.

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Source: Johnny B2K

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