Avengers Infinity War Trailer: 20 Secrets & Things You Missed

The long-awaited trailer for The Avengers: Infinity War has been released, and it's revealed even more about the plot, twists, and potential Infinity Stone casualties. Questions concerning how the different parts of the movie will fit together, how the biggest Marvel movie cast yet will interact, and how much of a role Thanos will personally play have been answered. Not to mention even more footage of what the directors call the biggest action scene in the MCU so far.

But those are just the big moments intended to catch fans' attention. We're taking a closer look, and breaking down the new Infinity War trailer to see if more hasn't been revealed, teased, or hinted at. Combining it with the theories developed by fans so far, you might be surprised how many small details will be missed by even devoted fans. Those wishing to remain unspoiled - even potentially spoiled - should stop reading now. But for those eager to spot every detail, Easter Egg, and clue... strap in.

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War


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Without further ado, and one last SPOILER warning, let's get started.

20. A Snap of His Fingers

The trailer has plenty of moments guaranteed to make longtime Marvel Comics fans squeal with delight, and plenty of reveals that hearken back to the comic book source material. There's none better than Gamora claiming that "the entire time I knew him he only ever had one goal: to wipe out half the universe. If he gets all the Infinity Stones, he can do it with a snap of his fingers." An effective gestrue - but far more literal than it appears.

In the comic book version of Infinity War, Thanos did exactly that after gaining possession of all the Stones in his Infinity Gauntlet. The comic stopped short of suggesting that particular move was his ultimate goal. but then, the Infinity War movie is changing Thanos's origins big time. Even if we now know that Infinity War won't follow the comics all that much, it's nice to see such a direct reference.

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19. Thanos Only Has The Power Stone So Far

One of the most pleasant surprises to be delivered in the new Infinity War trailer is the reveal of Thanos's new, golden armor. He's appeared with armor and even a helmet in his Guardians of the Galaxy role, but Marvel made it known beforehand that he would sport a new look for Avengers 3. It doesn't disappoint - but fans shouldn't get distracted from what else this scene reveals.

A quick look shows that Thanos is wearing the Infinity Gauntlet while removing his helmet, which only contains the purple Power Stone. Knowing that Thanos gets the blue Space Stone from Loki, and seeing the fires raging from torn metal in the background, a sequence of events can be deduced. The filmmakers have confirmed that Thanos loses armor as he collects Infinity Stones, but he can still be seen in his golden armor when putting the 'squeeze' on Thor's head.

Our guess? This scene is the arrival of Thanos on Thor and Loki's ship at the end of Ragnarok. His first showndown with Thor goes his way, he accepts the Infinity Stone, and the armor is soon no longer needed. So yes, this scene on Thor's ship is going to be a rough one.

18. Iron Man's New Armor is a Transformer

It wouldn't be an Avengers movie without some new Tony Stark tech being shown off (the guy really can't stop making his armor drop as many jaws as alien baddies). This time he's flying at full speed in pursuit of the strange, spinning, gravity-inducing ship that appears over New York City. But his full speed apparently isn't fast enough... even in his new Bleeding Edge Iron Man armor.

Fans have known for some time that Iron Man's new armor could transform, both across his entire body as expected, and reforming itself into new shapes and schematics (read: Iron Man has wings now). That's the reason Tony is able to reform his armor boots into a single, massive repulsor to send him hurtling skyward even faster. Which means something new.

It's one thing to say Tony's armor can form other hard constructs like wings, or even re-align itself into preset structures. But even for superheroes, transforming boots into a jet engine is... difficult. We don't doubt that Tony could dream up such a plan, but it raises the question: what other complicated, vital parts of Tony's armor are now malleable? Can he transform it on the fly, or does he have to plan for every conceivable need (he obviously still would, we're just curious how much fans should suspend their disbelief).

17. Cap's Team Makes it To Wakanda

Since the later battle scenes set just outside of Wakanda include Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and the rest of the heroes loyal to them, this shot may not seem all that important. But fans would do well to soak in the details. Beyond seeing Bruce Banner on board - confirming his "reunion" scene with Nathan may take place before they get to Wakanda - and looking past Rhodey's robotic upgrades allowing him to walk as before, keep an eye on Vision.

Knowing that he makes it to Wakanda, the scene of the film's climactic battle, and that he does it with Scarlet Witch is significant. He looks a little worse for wear, placing this all after his confrontation with the Children of Thanos who seek him out. Now there's little doubt to the sequence of events (and those worries he would lose his Mind Stone are at least safe to this point in the story). For more information, make sure to read the full Infinity War scene description from our time on set during this arrival scene.

16. How Much Can The Vision Give To Wakanda?

These shots of Shuri aren't going to be enough for fans of the Black Panther's new extended family and support team, as the runaway star of the movie is now on every matchmaker's list for a superhero-gadget-team-up. But before that can happen there's serious business to be taken care of. Shuri has another broken white boy to take care of-- well, a broken magenta boy, who turns out to be a living being woven from the vibranium informing all of her technology.

That discovery explains her stunned expression on its own, but it begs the question: what effect will the Vision have on Wakanda, Shuri, and what she believes vibranium can make possible? Those questions may not be answered in this film, since the heroes have bigger problems to worry about. But we would be shocked if Shuri's encounter didn't lead to some incredible new tech in the Black Panther's next MCU appearance.

15. The Guardians Return to Knowhere

There are too many shots of dark, metallic, ship-like interiors to make sense of at first look, but it's worth slowing down and trying. When you do, you notice that the crew of the Milano - minus Groot and Rocket Raccoon - are actually stopping in on Knowhere, as deduced by the presence of the familiar mining ships from the first movie. So why are they here?

Thanks to previous leaks, we know that the Guardians will witness a scene between Thanos and the Collector, with the former demanding to know where the Power Stone (a.k.a. the Aether) has ended up. Since Thor would know Lady Sif and Volstagg delivered the Aether to the Collector for safekeeping. Once he ran into the Guardians, he clearly passed on the knowledge before taking off with Groot and Rocket - and left them to get a step ahead of Thanos (nice try).

14. The Guardians Meet Iron Man (But Not All of Them)

The first sign of the comedy in store for audiences arrives when Star-Lord meets up with Iron Man. The bad news is that their respective success as comic relief doesn't seem to apply to eachother, more likely to irritate than appreciate. The good news is that this short scene offers some great room for speculation. Not because of this meeting of Guardians - but which ones aren't a part of it.

Gamora seems to be a no-show in this portion of the story, which is curious. Taking previous films, one might wager that Gamora and Nebula are on their own either working together or fighting. But until now, it's been assumed that Gamora will have a special role with Thanos. And for her part, Nebula will get a new "BFF" in Infinity War. Yet both are missing from the action scenes.

We're open to any and all theories - including the very likely scenario that Nebula's absence from the trailer is just because she's on a secret mission with her new bestie, Hawkeye.

13. Peter's New Iron Spider Suit Upgrade

It's a film of many firsts for both Peter Parker and Spider-Man fans. The studio couldn't keep it a secret for too long that Infinity War will debut the Iron Spider armor, an updated version of Spidey's suit seen in the comics. And yes,toys even confirm Spider-Man will get his robotic spider stingers to go with it. While the name 'Iron Spider' won't replace his identity, it's a big change for ol' Pete.

The trailer giving an excellent shot of the Iron Spider armor suit without its mask is worth absorbing in all its glory. But we would draw attention to the neckline of the suit, particularly the fact that it's not a clean cut. When shown with his full mask, the web pattern at the base of the neck also doesn't look as compacted as it does here. A sign that Spidey's armor may also be deployed, unmasked, and re-masked technologically? We hope so.

12. The God of Thunder's Cape Returns

Questions don't need to seem grand, complicated, or even important to be worth asking for comic book movie fans. The rumors and reports have all but confirmed the start of Thor's journey in Infinity War: beaten by Thanos, recovered by the Guardians, and taken to the realm of the Dwarves by Groot and Rocket. From there, his weapon is forged to... well, that's where things get unclear.

But before then, we have to ask: how does Thor get his cape back? In the past it has materialized (pun intended) along with Thor's armor when transforming into his battle gear. So if that's still the case here, why now? Why go without a cape in Ragnarok's ending, and reclaim it with his new weapon? A question fans can guess at, but for now, implies these shots take place after Thor has forged a new weapon. So why can't we see it?

11. Thor Calls Lightning With His... Digitally Removed New Weapon?

The fluttering red cape is all the tease fans need to know that Thor is going to do something epic. Previous trailers had shown him operating what we assumed was the Solar Forge used to make a new Mjolnir. That's a mission conducted by himself, Rocket Raccoon, and a teenage Groot (with not a glimpse of the Dwarven smiths you would expect to find).

Thanks to recent toy leaks confirming Thor's new weapon, it's unofficially known that he should be wielding the mystical axe Stormbreaker. But in this shot the lightning is simply being called to his raised fist. So either Thor is unleashing lightning on the machinery - to start it up after years abandoned? - or Marvel removed the weapon to preserve that moment in the film.

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10. Thanos Adopts Gamora as His 'Daughter'

When she was introduced as a daughter of Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, moviegoers who didn't know the comics might have assumed Gamora really was a villain. Over time, the truth came out: she was the "daughter" of Thanos simply because he had wiped out her entire people as part of his conquests, and kept her as a deadly assassin. It implied Thanos was twisted as much as he was eager to take advantage of a powerful solider. This flashback shows Gamora was only a child when he took her - which means it probably was as some twisted mockery of the people he wiped out.

The glimpses of similarly green-skinned aliens being held at bay by Thanos's guards show Gamora was probably wise to clutch the hand of Thanos and try her luck. Judging by the looks of those soldiers - resembling the same Chitauri Thanos gave to Loki in The Avengers - Gamora may have gotten out of this situation at almost the last second.

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9. Thor Gets a Titan-ic Headache

The moment we alluded to previously in our list, and the one that fans of Ragnarok have dreaded since the mid-credits scene. Just when Thor seemed to be charting a new course as King of Asgard, in search of a home for his people, Thanos strikes. His people are attacked and slaughtered, and Thanos brings the might Thor to his knees.

In Thor's defense, Thanos has the Power Stone already, which shifts the odds in his favor. The other theories suggest Thanos harms Thor to get the space Stone from Loki, and is then left for dead to be collected like garbage by the Guardians. But seeing Thor succumb to Thanos's grip will also be an interesting detail when we arrive at Captain America's handshake with the villain...

8. Loki Captured By The Black Order

Things aren't looking good for Loki no matter how you cut it. The final moments of Thor: Ragnarok were a bad enough sign on their own. But when Marvel confirmed that was Thanos's ship in Ragnarok's post-credits scene, it was safe to assume that the Asgardians were in for some trouble. These shots do more than just confirm our suspicion that the passengers of Thor's ship would be killed. They show that Loki may get it worse than anybody.

We don't want to dig too deeply into where this scene may or may not go, but it's obvious fans of the Asgardians should cross their fingers starting right about now.

7. Thanos Crushes The Tesseract For The Space Stone Inside

Fans should first take note of the fact that Thanos is wearing the gauntlet when fighting Thor, and not wearing it or his armor when seen here. Assuming the simplest explanation, Thanos gets what he came for with Thor and Loki: the Tesseract, otherwise known as the Cosmic Cube. But after having learned the true nature of the Infinity Stones in the prequel comic, it makes sense for Thanos to crush the Tesseract with his bare hand.

It seems like a small distinction, but it's not: the Tesseract is not the Space Stone, but a container to hold the Space Stone. That means the powers of the Tesseract were just a taste of the Infinity Stone's true potential. And if anyone doubted the superior physiology of Thanos, he's capable of holding the Stones in his bare hand, where even the child of a Celestial needed friends.

6. Scarlet Witch's Shot Holds a Secret

Unfortunately, Scarlet Witch is only seen a handful of times in the new trailer, typically looking at something off screen with serious concern. One of those times seems to be set with Vision in the jungles of Wakanda, but the other is here, at night, against what looks to be paving stones of a major city. but take a look at the lower-right corner of the frame.

It's certainly the most curious blink-and-you-miss-it detail in the trailer, since it looks to be a gloved hand clutching a staff. Comparing it to the Children of Thanos villains, it appears to be the glove of Proxima Midnight, and the blue glow coming from the staff's end is also a match for her signature weapon. So what's going on here?

The position of the glove shows the palm facing skyward, as if the staff has been swung two-handed towards Scarlet witch's midsection. Then we get this shot of the hands frozen, shaking, and Wanda looking up in surprise. Some life-saving backup, perhaps? Or has she stopped the blow with her own magic, and is only now surveying the coming attack?

5. Doctor Strange Tortured By Ebony Maw?

It will take viewers a few seconds to realize that the strange spikes surrounding Doctor Strange in this shot are having a more than physical effect (note the energy on display where the spires meet his flesh. The next shot reveals that it's Ebony Maw behind it all, apparently torturing the good Doctor using some unknown method. Unknown to movie fans, that is. But comic readers may know the scene being alluded to here.

The Infinity War Comic that originally put the Infinity Gauntlet on Thanos's hand may be the best known of such stories, but it's not the only one. There is also Jonathan Hickman's more recent comic run, where it seems the Children of Thanos henchmen are being draw from. And wouldn't you know it, that version includes Ebony Maw messing with Doctor Strange's mind to get information, too. Assuming these aren't creative cuts intended to mislead, of course.

4. The Hulk Gets Overrun in Tony's Armor

The first appearance of the now infamous Hulkbuster armor didn't seem to be all that mysterious. A big battle is coming, potentially against Thanos... why wouldn't Tony want to go with the heavy duty option? But as the footage and details shows Tony on another world facing his own fight, people began to wonder if the answer was another Avenger specifically avoiding the heavy duty option - Dr. Bruce Banner.

Soon a set of tie-in toys confirmed that it's Banner in the Hulkbuster armor, not Iron Man. It makes sense, since Banner warned that going Hulk one more time could mean he's gone forever. But factor in the waves of incoming alien soldiers, the swarm that overwhelms the Hulkbuster and presses it to the ground, and the epic shot of Hulk alongside Earth's heroes... and Bruce may not have a choice. Here's hoping it's not the last decision he gets to make on his own.

3. Tony Loses His Armor In Battle

It looks like Tony's brand new Iron Man armor can still get broken in battle with an overpowered alien brawler despite a fancy upgrade that allows it to deploy across his entire body (a cool trick... if Black Panther hadn't done it first). All jokes aside, that's decidedly bad news for Tony, since it's hard to imagine Star-Lord or Drax succeeding in their attack on Thanos While Tony fails. But these new effects do help answer one nagging question.

The first shots of Tony rattled and crying on the strange alien world promised some heartbreak fans weren't going to expect. But Tony sitting I  such an alien landscape in his street clothes made it all seem a bit less real. Was it an illusion? A fear made real, like he suffered in Civil War? The broken honeycomb pattern of his suit now visible confirms this is post-Thanos fight. At least now fans know they definitely will be upset and can plan accordingly... right?

2. How Strong Can Steve Rogers Actually Be?

It's not quite the final standoff between Thanos and Steve Rogers from the original comic book event, but Cap and Thanos holding hands is still as close to a comic book dream come true as some fans may get for now. But if we're honest, we're as confused as the Mad Titan - how is Steve able to overpower a behemoth like Thanos with the added power of two Infinity Stones? Is that just the result of his super soldier serum or some other boost?

Hey, wait... only TWO Infinity Stones? The odds of a wild card or hero twist just multiplied. Who's got the best theory to explain Steve's Thanos-level strength? Adrenaline. Performance enhancing substances? Gatorade? Add your own theory in the comments.

1. Spider-Man Swings Through a Shattered Moon

It's one thing to obliterate a planet's moon using only your hand, and send it hurtling towards your opponents like a cosmic cannon barrage. But using your heightened reflexes, agility, and web-swinging abilities to apparently dodge them on their way down? That is some next-level hotdogging and we are completely fine with Peter Parker doing it,

Is it safe? Of course not. Is it necessary? We'll have to wait and see. Since Pete's on the planet with Iron Man, Star-Lord, and Doctor Strange - all of whom have a means of flying away to safety - the real question is: who's helping Drax hide from the debris?


Those are all the subtle moments that reveal much more - the ones we could find in the Infinity War trailer, anyway. What did we miss? Let us know your own ideas in the comments.

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