Avengers: Infinity War Stars Promise 'Badass' Trailer, 'Epic' Film

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Avengers: Infinity War stars Paul Bettany and Sebastian Stan have dangled hints about the upcoming MCU epic, including a tease about the trailer fans have been waiting for with increasing impatience. The third Avengers film is expected to be the biggest MCU movie yet, as the Avengers team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy (and any other Marvel superheroes who happen to be in the neighborhood) to battle the intergalactic supervillain Thanos.

With Infinity War now finished and the film slated for a spring 2018 release, a trailer is expected to drop before the end of the year. Fans have gotten so pushy about the lack of a trailer that Infinity War directors the Russo Brothers recently felt compelled to go on social media and use an Orson Welles quote to tell everyone they need to calm down. Some speculated the trailer was being held back until after the release of Thor: Ragnarok, to avoid any spoilers, but now that Ragnarok is out (and rocking the box office) this should no longer be an issue.

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Speaking to a panel at Rhode Island Comic Con, Avengers: Infinity War stars Paul Bettany and Sebastian Stan did their best to hype up that much-anticipated trailer (via AIPT!). Bettany told the audience he's seen a version of an Infinity War trailer on co-director Joe Russo's phone and though he understandably abstained from providing specifics, he did call the trailer "badass" and "amazing." “It’ll be out, everyone will love it,” Bettany promised.

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Stan got in on the hyping as well, summing up Infinity War as "epic" and saying, "almost every scene is epic." Stan said that unlike previous Marvel films, this one doesn't bother with build-up but simply unleashes from the first scene to the last. Considering the sheer number of characters Marvel is stuffing into the movie, it's probably not a surprise that they aren't bothering much with set-up. Everyone already knows the characters and situations anyway, so why not just dive right into the action?

Bettany and Stan both also teased the Rhode Island Comic Con panel with hints about possible romantic relationships for their characters. The Vision and Scarlet Witch have been romantically linked in the comics, and Bettany remarked that the formerly pure-hearted Vision has been somewhat corrupted by "that whole Scarlet Witch thing," a very vague hint that something could develop between those two characters in a future film. Stan also talked about the possibility of some kind of romance developing between Bucky and Black Widow, telling the crowd he's game for whatever Marvel wants to throw his way.

In his own recent interview, Marvel studios chief Kevin Feige called the process of making The Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel Avengers 4 "surprisingly emotional." MCU fans will get a chance to share in all that emotion once the badass, epic trailer finally arrives.

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