Avengers: Infinity War Toys Offer New Look At Thanos’ Black Order

A new batch of toys have arrived for Avengers: Infinity War, offering character details for Thor and Spider-Man and giving us a better look at Thanos' Black Order. Though Marvel has been incredibly secretive about Avengers 3—we've yet to even see a full-length trailer—a lot of information has been revealed in supplemental ways. Set photos and videos gave us early teases about the Black Order long before they were officially confirmed. Meanwhile, as is increasingly the case with blockbusters, toys for the film have teased even more about the characters and their costumes and weapons.

Not long ago, we got a look at the Avengers: Infinity War LEGO sets. The pieces, part of action sets based off the film, offer some potential spoilers. But they also give us a better idea of some key traits for the new characters. For one, we know the new mystery aliens from Avengers 3 will be the Outriders from the comics. We also got confirmation that Black Order member Black Dwarf will instead be called Cull Obsidian—the alternative name for the entire group in the comics. Now, a new set of toys give us our best look yet at Thanos' evil children.

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Yahoo got an early look at some new Avengers: Infinity War toys from Hasbro and Funko, along with the previously released LEGO sets. Most of the figures are fairly standard, though we do get more confirmation that Black Widow's suit will be green. There's also some key details about Thor and Spider-Man revealed, while the Funko figures showcase the Black Order in all their glory. Check them out in the gallery below:

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We've seen teases of the Black Order in concept art and some statues from San Diego Comic-Con last year, but the new Funko figures give us a better idea of how four out of five of the members will be translate from the comics. On the page, the Black Order helped Thanos invade Earth during Jonathan Hickman's Infinity, which the upcoming film seems to heavily draw from. In the MCU, they'll be more of Thanos' children, along the lines of Gamora and Nebula.

Along with the Black Order and Thanos toys, we also get more figures for the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. There's both a Hasbro and Funko toy of teen Groot with his video game, plus one each of Tony Stark's new Iron Man armor. We also get a Funko for the Iron Spider armor teased at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and based off of his Civil War suit from the comics. And we even get a figure featuring four extra arms, a nod to the comic book costume (which only had 3) and something fans have been wondering about since the suit debuted last year.

Finally, the two Thor figures prove something interesting is going on with the character. We've known about Thor's new weapon for awhile, and this is hardly the first toy to feature it. What's intriguing, however, is that there's both a Thor with the eye patch he gained in Thor: Ragnarok and one without. It seems that whatever led to Thor gaining his new weapon will also lead to the restoration of his eye. And with Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner, we'll know soon enough.

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Source: Yahoo

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