Avengers: Infinity War Toy Reveals Thanos' Full Armor

A new Avengers: Infinity War toy offers the first real look at Thanos' full suit in Anthony and Joe Russo's upcoming blockbuster. Marvel Studios has been teasing the supervillain since his first appearance in 2012's Avengers stinger. It's odd, however, that so little is known about him in the shared universe so far. Sure, it's been determined that he's going for all six Infinity Stones, but his motivations and character origins remain bleak. That said, if he's anything like his comic book counterpart, Earth's Mightiest Heroes and their newfound allies are in for an intense battle that could result in some losses.

MCU's 18th offering, Black Panther, has already started rolling out in theaters worldwide. With the Ryan Coogler/Chadwick Boseman steadily cruising to be another smash hit, Disney and Marvel Studios' marketing machine is slowly refocusing its efforts towards the franchise's culminating film. Just less than three months before its grand debut, Infinity War starts to slowly step into the spotlight with promo previews, official artworks, and pieces of merchandise including this brand new one featuring Thanos.

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Reddit user realityavengers shared a photo of Thanos rocking a full suit in one of the Infinity War tie-in toys. The armor looks good, but it's not exactly the same as the one he was seen sportingas showcased in a Guardians of the Galaxy prototype model. It appears like what was just gold detailing in his old costume was expanded to the bigger portion of his chest piece. His helmet now also seems to be attached to his body armor instead of being a separate bit of the armor. Take a look:

NEW! Thanos in full armour in Avengers Infinity War toy! from r/marvelstudios

It's an interesting look since audiences haven't seen him sport his armor in any of the Infinity War previews - something that some fans don't like as he looks more menacing with his helmet and suit on. Co-director Joe Russo explained that Thanos' casual look in Infinity War fits within his personal narrative arc in the movie. He said: "once he starts acquiring the Stones, he doesn’t need armor in the same way he did when he was a war lord." So, while fans haven't seen him wearing his full costume in any of the movie's promo footage, it seems like his first on-screen appearance will include the armor. And as he continues to collect more stones, he will presumably ditch clothing given that he really only needs the gauntlet at that point.

With or without his suit, Thanos already looks menacing based on the trailers released thus far. Marvel devoted a lot of time perfecting the CGI on Josh Brolin that it's hard to believe that it's actually motion-capture and not prosthetics. Now that they have his look nailed down, audiences are just waiting too see if he's as frightening as Marvel has been hyping him up to be. Otherwise, their several years of build-up to Avengers: Infinity War won't have a fulfilling payoff.

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Source: realityavengers/Reddit

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