Avengers: Infinity War Toy Offers New Look At Iron Spider’s Stingers

Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Spider Suit

The latest figurine from Avengers: Infinity War offers a detailed look at Iron Spider's stingers. The end of Spider-Man: Homecoming teased something fans had been hoping for since it was revealed Iron Man and Spidey would be teaming up. Though switching up some design elements from the comics, Tony's Iron Spider suit was something to behold. And when the first Avengers 3 trailer debuted, it proved Peter wasn't turning it down for good. But so far, we've yet to see the most infamous part of the costume: the stingers.

During the Civil War comics, Tony gives Peter an upgrade in the form of the Iron Spider armor. Unlike in the MCU, it mirrors Iron Man's color scheme, though it does give Spider-Man three bonus arms to perch on and use in battle. The overall look is a fan-favorite and it's even popped up in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. Now, it's set to make its proper live-action debut and we have the best look yet at how it will appear.

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Entertainment Earth has added a pre-order for a new Avengers: Infinity War deluxe figure from Diamond Select toys. The statue in question gives the Iron Spider suit its stingers, adding one extra than the costume in the comics - which, of course, makes more sense for a spider-themed hero. Check out the first image below and head to the site if you want to order one before it's released this July.

The arms and stingers are pulled straight from the comics, maintaining their gold color and adding some texture and details befitting a live-action rendition. They should give Spidey even more of an edge in battle, which he'll need as the fight against Thanos will see the young hero way out of his league.

This isn't our first confirmation of the stingers. The Avenger: Infinity War LEGO sets teased them, and we got an even better look thanks to new Avengers 3 Funko and Hasbro toys unveiled last week. The Diamond Select figure, however, is by far the most intricate and detailed version we've seen.

With Avengers: Infinity War coming a week earlier, fans are anticipating the release of the movie's full-length trailer any day now. There's less than two months before the epic film hits theaters, and though Marvel hardly needs to remind anyone of the film, fans are eager to see more of the characters in action. Likewise, Iron Spider die-hards will now be anxious to see the suit's stingers in action in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Source: Entertainment Earth

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