Tom Holland & Benedict Cumberbatch Interview: Infinity War

Doctor Strange has a long history of appearing in Marvel Comics crossover events. His mastery of the the mystic arts and abilities to travel through, space, time and the multiverse make him a unique and powerful ally. While Spider-Man’s skills make him a better fit to patrol the streets of New York then head into battle with an alien army, the Wallcrawler has found his way into his fair share of mash-ups as well. In Avengers: Infinity War, the two find themselves alongside Tony Stark with the fate of the universe at stake.

SR: So, uh, if you guys weren't playing your characters, being fans, what character would you want to play?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Groot. It is just an easy day at the office. Groot, right?

Holland: I don't want to change. Sorry, I’m really happy with being Spider-Man. I just can’t I’m too faithful to Spider-Man. I'm sorry. It's my dream role and if I changed who would I be?

Cumberbatch: Scarlet Witch.

SR: Benedict, in your film Mordo says he's a little disappointed about the dangers of messing with time. Do we get to see that play in Infinity War or for the future of Doctor Strange.

Cumberbatch: Yeah,  possibly.

Holland: He's come to bargain.

SR: He's come to bargain, possibly.

Cumberbatch: I’ve come to bargain.

SR: Now we get to see your first full on Iron Spider suit, wearing the Iron Spider suit. How excited are you about that? But how excited are you also to possibly wear the black symbiote suit eventually down the line?

Holland: The black suit hasn't even been a discussion.

SR: We're having a discussion, Tom, about having the black suit.

Holland: But now we’re having a discussion about it but it hasn't, not in the Disney studio it hasn't been discussed...the black symbiote suit, yet. Maybe it will be in the future. We don't know. Uh, but the Iron Spidey suit I can say is a pretty spectacular. Actually the guys who did the CGI on it are amazing. Those artists who actually are the ones who sit in the computers and draw and do the beautiful stuff...they really, really knocked out in the park.

SR: But both of you guys are New York heroes, you guys are both from New York City, right? Right around the corner from each other.

Holland: Queens versus Manhattan.

Cumberbatch: It's about building bridges rather than walls.

SR: It's true. Would you guys like to see you guys team up in future properties?

Cumberbatch: Definitely.

Holland 100%

Cumberbatch: And even if it is, you know, doing a coffee run for one another or just like a hanging out or we'll go to play ball in the park or it's doing every day, start picking up our laundry. I would really like that to be expanded to something really fantastic.

Holland: I came up with an idea the other day that will never happen. Peter Parker is at school, has a mad, mad headache, rings up someone and says “I just really need your help. It's really important.” And then a voice says “OK”, and then he goes over to your house and you're dressed up as Doctor Strange and you're ready to do business. And I'm like, “I have a headache. Do you know what this is?” And I, because you're a brain surgeon so you think I need you to like save the world again, but really I just need your doctor expertise, I just need you to be a doctor.

SR: Which one of the Infinity Stones would you want, but you have to take the consequences with it?

Cumberbatch: Which, which one? Like with Tom with his character, I would really like to stick with time.

Holland: Yeah. Time is a good one, but I'm definitely not responsible enough for that responsibility, so I would go with the Power Stone.

SR: The Power Stone.

Cumberbatch: That's a big responsibility.

Holland: Yeah but Like meddling with time you meddle with everyone in the world. Meddling with power, you can use it selectively. Yeah. Lift cars and stuff.

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