Infinity War Has Already Broken Pre-Sales Record for Superhero Movies

In just a few hours, Avengers: Infinity War quickly broke the record for best-selling superhero movie in advanced ticket sales. The anticipation for Infinity War is on another level when compared to fellow blockbusters. Marvel Studios has been building towards the epic team-up for years, and now they're entering the final promotional push. The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer was released this morning, and it's been a major topic of conversation since.

Not only are fans scanning through the new footage to see what teases may be included, but they've also rushed to secure their Avengers tickets for opening night. The excitement levels are off the charts apparently, as Infinity War only needed a few hours to start breaking records.

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Deadline reports Avengers: Infinity War quickly became the best-selling superhero movie for Fandango in just six hours. That is all the time it needed to surpass every other MCU movie, including the most recent one to hold this title, Black Panther, as well as Warner Bros.' Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which held the all-time record. No firm estimates are in yet for the haul Infinity War's already got, but expect those numbers to be very high once they are publicized.

With it already surpassing all other superhero movies and having many hours left until its 24 hour cycle completes, Infinity War's official pre-sales numbers could be the earliest indicator as to how big the movie will actually be. When Black Panther's pre-sales matched Captain America: Civil War, many were still hesitant to think it would actually surpass its opening weekend. If it only took six hours to top Black Panther (a film that opened over $200M domestically and has since earned $1B) and every other MCU movie, Infinity War could be poised to do ridiculously high numbers.

As of right now, the earliest projections for Infinity War's opening weekend are at $215 million. That would be the biggest MCU movie ever, but this level of interest should be the first sign that it will do much more. Many have wondered if Infinity War can challenge Star Wars: The Force Awakens' $247.9M opening to become the biggest debut ever domestically. It'll certainly be a tough battle, and there's more records in reach if it can come close. Thanks to the film's brand new release date, Infinity War could realistically challenge Fate of the Furious' record $541.9M worldwide opening.

If Infinity War can get in either of those conversations or even break them, it'll just be the start of a possibly historic box office run. This is one of the biggest event films ever, so interest was always expected to be high. But, these early results could indicate Infinity War will have little trouble breaking records along the way.

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Source: Deadline

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