Infinity War Trailer Confirms Thor's New Weapon Theory

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War


It looks like the theory of Thor's new weapon in The Avengers: Infinity War can finally be confirmed. That's thanks to the latest Infinity War Super Bowl spot, clocking in at a lower runtime than a typical trailer, but still revealing enough new footage to get Avengers fans talking. The first look at Iron Man's new sci-fi armor made headlines, and the same goes for Captain America's TWO new shields. But the footage seems to have set the mystery of Thor's new weapon to rest - as well as revealing the Guardians of the Galaxy who will help him create it. Rocket is never going to shut up about this job.

The shots of Thor with his brand new eyepatch may not seem to reveal much, but for fans who've been trying to lock his Infinity War role into place, this may be the final piece of the puzzle. Common sense and comic book lore said that Thor would of course need a new weapon, and tie-in toy sets revealed more than Marvel may have liked. Now, the footage of the movie itself can be used to confirm the leading theory.

Goodbye Mjolnir, Hello Jarnbjorn - the 'Wrecker of Worlds.'

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The Theory of Thor's New Infinity War Weapon

From the moment Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, fans have been spinning theories on how the weapon could be returned to Thor. Or, for those fond of the Ultimate comics or Thor's rich Marvel history, which other Asgardian weapon could take its place. Early concept art for Infinity War showed the then-most-popular style of Thor wielding an axe-like weapon alongside Rocket Raccoon, leading to a more focused speculation. The frontrunners became the Ultimate Mjolnir - the weapon used in Marvel's alternate universe, upon which the films were stylistically based - and Jarnbjorn, the massive axe wielded by Thor when he was "unworthy" of Mjolnir.

Since then, little evidence surfaced to tilt the scales in any one direction... or even could, since its creation in the film would almost certainly be a twist worth concealing. But you can't keep a secret like Thor's new weapon for long, which meant even Chris Hemsworth teased a new Thor weapon without giving specifics. He also stated the obvious, conceding that the most devoted comic fans would be able to see the weapon coming before it made its official debut. And as mysterious shots in Infinity War trailers showed Thor on a mission of his own, the speculation narrowed still.

Until a toy set for Infinity War seemed to reveal the weapon in question.

Infinity War LEGO Leaked Thor's Biggest Scene

The Infinity War set of LEGO toys seemed to suggest that the earlier concept art - Thor with new weapon in hand, Rocket at his side - was far more literal than assumed. The collection included Thor (with short hair and his new costume), Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. The set-piece accompanying included a small spaceship, which explained the trailer shot of Thor standing in front of a window layout not yet seen on the Guardians' Milano (embedded above). The set also included another mysterious object... that seemed to be the large, circular apparatus Thor strapped himself into in the Infinity War trailer - before the bright lights and his screaming kicked in.

Knowledge of the Marvel Comics source material gave a solid hint on exactly what machine Thor was using with some solar assistance, but the biggest bombshell of the LEGO set was much smaller. Much less interesting to look at, too, composed of a simple wooden shaft and large, metal axe head. A weapon that seemed to suggest Thor would find Jarnbjorn in Infinity War thanks to some help from Rocket and Groot. And, as many (ourselves included) assumed, he would operate a massive, Dwarven solar forge to create it.

Of course, tie-in toy sets have been misleading or over-the-top before. But thanks to the Super Bowl spot for Infinity War, it looks like those toys show exactly what adventure Thor will go on in the movie.

Infinity War's Trailer Confirms The Jarnbjorn Theory

To get the confirmation themselves, fans will need to spot the scenes mixed within the flurry of new shots and sequences, from the best looks yet at the Iron Spider armor, to some possible uses of Tony Stark's reality-bending tech from Civil War. As exciting and ripe for discussion as those reveals may be, it's the above shot that kicks off the final clues to Thor's journey. As the toys promised, the exact scene seems to take place in the movie: Thor accompanied by Rocket Raccoon and Groot, headed off in a smaller ship against an unfamiliar space landscape. If the dots connect as directly as they seem, they're journeying to Nidavellir, the realm of the Dwarven smiths.

Later shots appear to take the trio to the solar forge included in the toy set, including an ominous shot of Thor standing ready, looking above, and verifying that his teammates are also prepared for what's about to happen. More than likely, the opening of the solar forge so that Thor can create his new weapon, screaming against the heat of the sun all the while. And if all of this footage fits so well with what's promised in the LEGO sets and teased by the star himself, Rocket and Groot will get the very first look at Thor's brand new signature weapon.

Thor's New Weapon, Jarnbjorn is... Born

While other toys have hinted that the movie Thor could get Ultimate Mjolnir - equal parts hammer and axe - the details of the LEGO set suggest it's the more accurate lead. If true, then the forging of Jarnbjorn, Wrecker of Worlds is important for a few reasons. For starters, the promotion of Thor from a hammer to a massive, razor-sharp battle axe speaks to the raised stakes of Thanos and the Infinity War he's waging. Even if Thor destroys cosmic beings with a single blow, or incinerates baddies with lightning blasts, the lack of actual blades or blood makes it an easier sell in Marvel's family-friendly movie universe. Change that to a blades axe that can do nothing else but slice and smash... and you've got a bit of a challenge, assuming this truly is Thor's trademark weapon going forward.

The explanation may lie in the things we still don't know. Mainly, what happens to Thor before he's recovered by the Guardians as space junk, and recruits two of them to assist his forging of a new weapon. If he tangles with Thanos directly, as seems possible, then fashioning a weapon designed to kill the supervillain specifically may do away with most of the challenges facing a hacking-and-slashing god of thunder.

Assuming Thor even makes his way back to face Thanos in this movie, that is. Either way, we pity the soul who helps Thor break in his new cosmic axe.

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