Thor & Star-Lord Are a 'Very Funny' Team in Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo teases that Chris Hemsworth's Thor and Chris Pratt's Star-Lord make for a very funny pairing.

Chris Pratt as Star Lord and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the MCU

Co-director Joe Russo has teased that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) are a 'very funny' duo in Avengers: Infinity War. Not everything will be gloom and doom in blockbuster, which pits most every hero in the MCU against the mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his Black Order. The film will surely still interject some lightheartedness into the film - something that the MCU films are known for - and as it turns out, some of the funniest bits may come from the odd pairing of the God of Thunder and the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

One of the biggest draws of Infinity War is the promise of bringing together almost every hero in the MCU in one big film. It offers unlimited team-up possibilities from all the characters launched in the almost 10-year-old franchise, which is similar to how comic books crossover events usually play out. We already know that Thor is the main link between the Guardians and Avengers, thanks to the D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con exclusive trailer for Infinity War. Joe Russo has now provided more insight into how Peter Quill will initially perceive the Asgardian royalty, upon their first encounter.

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Talking to IGN after the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the Infinity War co-director revealed that Thor and Star-Lord are actually a character-combo he has never expected to work so well, comedy-wise:

"You know what's interesting is that because of the re-toning that Taika (Waititi) did with Thor 3 and the direction is set in as a character, he and Star-Lord were a very surprising combination and a very funny combination. So I'm excited for the audience to see the two of them together."

Thanos, Thor, and Star-Lord

Both heroes (and the actors who play them) have been quippy in their respective films. However, given the difference in tone for their respective films, Quill's comedic chops are arguably more prominent than the Asgardian prince - thanks to James Gunn's take on the tone for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Thor's movies, on the other hand, are less on the nose with their comedy, though bits and pieces of Thor's sassy one-liners have been evident in his interactions with other Avengers.

Fortunately, as pointed out by Joe Russo, Waititi's sense of comedy seems to perfectly fit with the new direction that the Thor franchise is headed with this year's Thor: Ragnarok. The New Zealand-native director has likewise indicated that his version of Thor is closer to the real Chris Hemsworth, which make his comedy feel more organic than forced.

While Avengers: Infinity War will no doubt inject more than a few moments of levity into its proceedings, the dire situation that the heroes are going to face in the film should prevent things from becoming too silly. Joe has already warned that there may be some major character deaths in Infinity War - deaths that should only raise the stakes even higher for the upcoming ensemble adventure.

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Source: IGN

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