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A new image from Avengers: Infinity War puts the God of Thunder in the care of Rocket and Mantis. When the trailer for Infinity War arrived, Thor seemed to be absent from the main action. What's more, the Guardians of the Galaxy were relegated to a brief tease at the end. We know from the teaser shown at D23 and Comic-Con, however, that things will likely kick off with Thor careening into the Guardians' ship, something that Thor: Ragnarok clearly set up.

The end of Ragnarok showed the new ruler of Asgard and the remainder of his people coming face to face with Thanos' ship. Likely, they'll encounter the Mad Titan and his Black Order and be separated from one another. We know Hulk will land on Earth and recreate an infamous scene from the comics, while Thor will meet the Guardians four years after the events of their most recent film. It seems, however, that the God of Thunder will be in pretty bad shape when he arrives.

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USA Today has a new image from Avengers: Infinity War that seems to take place after Thor makes contact with the Guardians' ship. In it, we see Rocket look over the passed out Avenger while Mantis uses her abilities (likely to try and wake him up).

This shot is the first new look we've had at the film outside of the teaser, and it shows that the full trailer for Avengers: Infinity War will feature more of the Guardians. Karen Gillen recently discussed Nebula's absence from the Infinity War trailer, hinting that her character would be more involved in the next one. And though she wasn't with the Guardians the last time we saw them, her path and their's will likely intersect as Thanos' resentful children look to stop their father.

While this is our first official look at the Guardians and an Avengers together, the two groups were teased earlier today in a new promo image for Infinity War. Most likely the design of a t-shirt, the shot pulls together various heroes from the MCU and teases the epic scope of next year's film. While many of the Earthbound heroes have interacted, the Guardians have been off in their own cosmic corner.

It makes sense for them to first encounter Thor, but the meeting between the Avengers and Guardians is sure to create some hilarious and action-packed pairings. And that's all well and good, as Thanos will be the MCU's biggest threat to date. With Avengers: Infinity War less than 5 months, many more images from the film are sure to be right around the corner.

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Source: USA Today

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