Avengers: Infinity War Scotland Shoot Includes Thor & The Hulk

Avengers: Infinity War just received some much needed strength as filming continues in Scotland, with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) arriving on location. Marvel Studios is deep into production on Avengers: Infinity War and have taken a large portion of said production out of Atlanta. It is not clear what exactly this portion of filming entails, but the set photos have had a few revealing moments. What appears to be Thanos' Black Order has been featured multiple times as a thorn in the sides of the Avengers.

This portion of filming has seen quite the star power arrive with Paul Bettany (Vision) and Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) being the focus so far. However, it was recently revealed that both Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie were featured in these scenes as well, and now they've been joined by two former allies.

Thanks to a local on Twitter, it has been revealed that Hemsworth and Ruffalo are present in Edinburgh, Scotland to join filming on Infinity War. It is unclear if they have just arrived or if they've been here for some time, but they'll be involved in whatever events are transpiring.

Best moment of my life @chrishemsworth @MarkRuffalo #marvel #avengers #edinburgh

— Caroline Kemp (@carolinek95) May 2, 2017

This marks the first time we've seen Thor and Hulk/Bruce Banner back on Earth since Avengers: Age of Ultron and they'll likely be changed following their galactic road trip in Thor: Ragnarok. Even though fans are eagerly awaiting both to rejoin the Avengers, this may not be when all of them will fight together again. Ruffalo's presence particularly could be an indicator the cast is filming less action heavy and more character focused scenes. As he typically does not do any on set work as Hulk, he could be on location for the portion in the movie when the heroes are strategizing.

The arrival of Hemsworth and Ruffalo now brings the known cast of this portion to six, but it could be more than that. Rumors of Black Widow and Doctor Strange appearing here have also popped up before, but they've yet to be spotted. As the crew recently began work on turning a Cathedral into an unknown location, their arrival could point to them being involved in whatever takes place here. If the castle-like structure is serving as a new, temporary base for the heroes, this may not be the final instance of more cast members heading to Scotland.

With the Guardians crew primarily filming in Atlanta and this makeshift Avengers team working in Scotland, it is possible they won't overlap too much. But, with a cast so large it is difficult to bring them all together at one time. Surely they will all cross paths eventually, but with seemingly every MCU hero being involved in the fight against Thanos, it is understandable to have multiple teams fighting around the galaxy.

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Source: Twitter

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