Thor's Eyepatch is CGI in Avengers: Infinity War

Chris Hemsworth reveals that Thor sports a CGI eyepatch in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans got their first look at Infinity War's grimy, beaten-down, one-eyed Thor when the movie's first trailer dropped in late November. The same trailer teased Thor's first meeting with those other cosmic Marvel heroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Infinity War picks up Thor's story some years after the events of Thor: Ragnarok, which ended with Thor and the survivors of Asgard running into a ship belonging to Marvel's baddest villain Thanos.

Things have changed a lot for Thor since his last appearance with the Avengers in Age of Ultron. In Thor: Ragnarok, the hero not only lost his trusty hammer Mjolnir, he also shed his long blond locks in favor of a more manageable, shorter haircut. During the film's final battle, Thor also had his eye clawed out by Cate Blanchett's Hela. As the trailer revealed, Thor still has the eyepatch in Infinity War. He also doesn't appear to have bathed or shaved in quite awhile.

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Speaking to Cinema Blend, Chris Hemsworth revealed some behind-the-scenes details about that new eyepatch of Thor's. Hemsworth explains that the real eyepatch they gave him on-set didn't work. So, the movie resorted to some CGI magic:

It was... yeah, I remembered being... with the eyepatch, the story unrolling, 'Yeah, cool, this is interesting.' And then the day that we put the eyepatch on I was like, 'This is ridiculous.' The thing kept falling off, and we didn't have the thing [gestures an eyepatch strap]. So it became a CG eyepatch, which I was stoked about... But I'm happy with that trade [for the wig]. It has its downsides. But the upside is that it's an hour less in hair and makeup without the wig on.

Unlike Henry Cavill's retouched upper lip in Justice League, Thor's eyepatch looks totally convincing, at least going by the images we've thus far seen. More than just being a cool-looking costume detail, the eyepatch serves a useful character purpose. As Infinity War director Anthony Russo explained in a recent interview, Thor has become a radically different character. The eyepatch serves as a stark indicator of how much Thor has changed since he first appeared in 2011's original Thor. Losing your hammer and your home-world in one movie has to leave a mark both physically and mentally. Russo indicates that Thor's transformation will continue through the new movie and on into Avengers 4.

Thor emerged from Ragnarok a harder, tougher character, an interesting development given the film's overall comedic tone. Thor arguably felt out of place in earlier Avengers movies, a little too "comic book" compared to Iron Man and Captain America. That incongruity likely explains why Thor found himself left out of Captain America: Civil War. In essence, Thor went off to be re-made in Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps this new, gritty version of Thor will blend more seamlessly with his fellow heroes in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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