See Josh Brolin In Action As Thanos In Infinity War VFX Videos

Watch movie-making magic happen in four new VFX breakdown videos for Avengers: Infinity War. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo with the story written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the superhero blockbuster was Marvel Studios' 10th-year-anniversary project. And based on its box office performance - the fastest film to earn $1 billion, and only the fourth movie to pocket $2 billion - the fans dug it.

Marvel Studios was generally praised for the VFX work on Infinity War, especially on the incredible motion-capture Brolin's Thanos. This was exceptionally important, considering the MCU does have some questionable CGI at times. Now, fans can get a glimpse of the intricate process of creating such massive CGI-heavy film like Avengers 3 in several newly released videos.

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Coming from YouTube channel It's Amazing are four VFX breakdowns for Infinity War - all featuring Brolin's Thanos in action. The first clip features the battle between the Mad Titan and the Hulk aboard the Asgardian refugee ship at the beginning of the movie. As seen in the video inserts, Brolin, apparently, filmed the scene on his own, and chances are, Mark Ruffalo also did his part in isolation. The second clip sees Gamora and her adoptive father's emotional conversation about Gamora being ruthlessly taken away from her family. Third one, meanwhile, focuses on two things: first is the massive battle in Wakanda. Based on previously released set photos, this whole sequence was shot outdoors but still needed to use some heavy effects work due to the sheer number CG characters and effects. The second part, on the other hand, gives fans a closer look at Brolin's motion capture performance of Thanos while he explains his agenda to Doctor Strange in Titan. Check out the videos below:

Finally, the last video centers on the intense battle between Thanos and Iron Man in Titan leading up to the villain stabbing Tony Stark with the genius billionaire's weapon. This specific one is quite interesting as looking at it closely, it seems like in some of the wide-shots, Brolin and Robert Downey Jr. weren't actually in the sequence, but more likely their body doubles. Prior to the release of Infinity War, it was revealed that Brolin wasn't actually on the set that much as he was also working on Deadpool 2 around the same time. Watch the clip at the top of this article.

Fans will get more of Thanos and the Avengers (those who were spared after the snap) in next year's Avengers 4. Reshoots and additional photography are expected to begin any time soon and will last for the rest of the summer. Considering so much of Avengers: Infinity War has been shot in a sound stage (as illustrated by the VFX clips), it's interesting what the pick-up shots will be mainly about. Unfortunately, with no Hall H panel for Marvel Studios this year, there's no telling when exactly a teaser trailer, as well as the much-discussed title, will be released.

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