Avengers: Infinity War Almost Recreated Thanos' Iconic Comic Moment

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War

The VFX team behind Avengers: Infinity War nearly took Thanos' snap a step further to make it as comic accurate as possible. Marvel Studios spent years building up to Thanos, and the primary concern for many fans was whether or not he would deliver. He entered strong and continued that way, killing off a few beloved characters throughout his journey. But, it was when he finally had the power of all six Infinity Stones that true devastation was felt.

Infinity War ends with Thanos wiping out half of the universe's population with just the snap of his fingers. The moment was teased several times in the marketing and in the movie, but the act still sent shock waves throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The scene was lifted out of the comics, and it came close to literally being brought to life.

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The Wrap spoke to Kelly Port, the VFX Supervisor at Digital Domain (a company that worked on Infinity War), about creating the snap. As comic book readers know, the snap is an iconic image from Jim Starlin and George Pérez's Infinity Gauntlet comic series. While the way in which the snap was brought to screen was satisfying enough, Port and his team made a version with the actual word "snap" briefly appearing that would've literally brought the panel below to life.

"As a fun aside, we explored the idea of lifting the actual graphic from the frame of the comic showing the snap, the little yellow action triangles for a single frame of the moment of the snap. They appreciated the idea but didn’t ultimately go for it."

Infinity War is already a very comic booky movie thanks to the amount of characters, scope, and action, but this would've been the most comic booky moment of them all. Marvel has yet to ever do anything remotely close to depicting visual sound effects, and its not a common practice in the current superhero movie climate. Not since Adam West's Batman TV series has a comic book movie or TV show prominently featured them. So, while doing so here could've made for a cool moment, it most likely would've felt out of place in this universe.

Port doesn't say who specifically nixed the idea, but directors Anthony and Joe Russo, or even Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, seem like the most likely candidates. The snap is a major moment in Avengers: Infinity War and it's in no way played for comedy, which is what such a graphic could've felt like. While it didn't make it into this movie, that's not to say that the idea couldn't be used in future MCU movies. Funnier franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 could possibly pull this off. If it doesn't happen there, then it could take a character like Deadpool to include something similar for a one-time gag.

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Source: The Wrap

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