Infinity War: Thanos' Circular Vessel is Called a Q-Ship

Thanos Q-Ship Avengers- Infinity War

With only a month until Thanos arrives on Earth in Avengers: Infinity War, fans finally know what to call his circular ship.

It may not have been a big deal that Thanos' ship didn't have a name, but alongside naming the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship the Milano, the MCU is usually pretty tight on covering every little detail. As a suitably imposing way to turn up from space, the various trailers and promos have shown the giant circular vehicle looking down over New York City and playing a part in Tom Holland's storyline as Spider-Man. Audiences have seen Peter Parker in his Iron Spider suit on the side of the giant ring, but what are we supposed to call it?

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Well, according to EW, it's time to start calling Thanos' big circle the Q-Ship. Unfortunately, the site doesn't give any more details on how it decoded that this is the name of the ship, but at least there is now a name for Thanos' mode of transport. The ship may look more like a zero or the letter "O," but if the clasp on the side opens up (possibly as an entrance or way for Thanos to release his Black Order), it is easier to see why it would be called the Q-Ship.

While not exactly the most imaginative or imposing name to call the ship that gives Thanos his big entrance, at least the shape could lend itself to the "Q" moniker. Interestingly though, could the Q-Ship find its name in the history of the military? Used in the First World War by both British and the Germans, Q-ships were heavily weaponized decoy ships that were used to lure submarines to their doom.

The Q-Ship scenes are already confirmed to contain Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Holland's Spider-Man, and Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange, but the latest trailer showed Spidey and Strange meeting in some sort of shadowy room, teasing that the three heroes could end up aboard the Q-Ship. Piecing together footage from the trailers, all three will meet the Guardians at some point and it looks like their combined efforts succeed in bringing the Q-Ship down - despite Star-Lord claiming Stark's plan won't work. Either way, at least everyone now knows what to call that big circle ahead of its inevitable release as part of an Avengers: Infinity War toy set.

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Source: EW

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