Thanos Kills Iron Man In Terrifying Infinity War Cosplay

A Thanos cosplayer wanders around the Emerald City Comic Con spookily carrying Iron Man's severed head. With Black Panther out, the MCU's monumental 10th year is officially open with Avengers: Infinity War next on the docket. Originally scheduled for release in May, the movie was pushed a week early and is now set for April 27th. Boasting the biggest ensemble cast to be ever assembled in a feature film, the project is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and will feature every single hero existing in the MCU.

Marvel Studios has been hyping up the villain for several years now, but we have yet to know his origins and motivations for coming after the six Infinity Gems. From the looks of it, the Russo Brothers are spinning a brand new story for him different from his print version. Nonetheless, he is still poised to be as ruthless and powerful as he is in the comic books and his imminent arrival is expected to spell doom for some of our favorite MCU key players.


Courtesy of Redditor KidVsHero is a photo of a Thanos cosplayer attending last weekend's ECCC. Given that the Mad Titan is this year's most-anticipated movie villain, it's not a novelty to see people dressing up as him in conventions. But what makes this version special is him carrying around a broken Iron Man head revealing half of Tony Stark's bloodied face. The design and attention to detail of the whole ensemble are very impressive, but it's quite horrifying to look at, especially with Stark's eyes wide open knowing that he's supposedly dead. Check it out below:

There is no chance that we'll see that gory visual (or something similar) in Infinity War considering that Disney opts for their projects to be more family-friendly, but that doesn't guarantee that Iron Man won't be biting the bullet. The trailer for the film reveals that Tony eventually goes head-t0-head with Thanos, and it doesn't look like the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist would be doing very well when the time comes despite numerous upgrades to his suit. Thematically, Tony Stark meeting his end makes the most sense given that he's the one who started all this. Further, it would be a poetic end for his personal arc - starting as someone who couldn't care less about anyone else to dying in his efforts to safeguard humanity. If Infinity War and its still-untitled sequel are really poised to shake the MCU's status quo,  moving on without the character who's been in the franchise since day 1 would accomplish that.

Aside from Stark, other principal superheroes in the MCU such as Captain America and Thor are the most in danger of perishing in the next twin Avengers sequel, Marvel boss Kevin Feige himself teased about this. While it's difficult given how much time fans have spent with these characters, it's necessary with regard to the apocalyptic narratives of Avengers: Infinity War and its follow-up, otherwise, without any major losses, it would feel as if it's a cop-out. However, from a business standpoint, it's difficult to imagine that Marvel Studios will let go of several of their core actors all at once. Despite building the cinematic universe by introducing new heroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the Black Panther, it would be unnerving to no longer see the likes of RDJ, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, who have been the face of the franchise for the last 10 years, in future Marvel films.

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Source: KidVsHero/Reddit

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