Thanos Arrested By Toronto Police Officer

Good news for those still worried about Thanos being out there somewhere in the universe snapping his fingers: It seems that the Mad Titan finally got what was coming to him in Toronto, when police arrested him there for his role in events that occurred during Avengers: Infinity War - sort of.

In Infinity War, Thanos was responsible for a lot of death, half of the universe's population, in fact. After gaining all the Infinity Stones and placing them in his gauntlet, he used the immeasurable power of the stones to do a little population control. Unfortunately, that meant that about half of the Avengers team disappeared, along with half of the populations of Earth and other planets throughout the universe. Thanos believed in his mission, but it seems that he still remained a wanted criminal in Toronto.

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The Star reported on a man, Frank Coraci, costumed as Thanos, who wanted to bring some humor to his fellow Canadians after a van horrifyingly plowed into pedestrians in the city in April. So Coraci suited up in Thano's signature armor and began walking down a Toronto street, aided by a handler that helped him navigate around other pedestrians. He posed for a lot of selfies with people, including Sgt. Noel DeGuzman, who staged the "arrest" that got posted to Twitter.

That photo went viral quickly, with loads of comments about how a Canadian police officer did something that the Avengers could not. DeGuzman wrote:

“What started as good-hearted banter between two Marvel fans and subsequently a photo for my daughter, apparently exploded onto social media. I am thankful that it put a smile on many people’s faces.”

Meanwhile, Infinity War continues to break box office records, including a pre-sale ticket record previously held by Marvel's Black Panther, domestic and worldwide opening world records and the highest grossing second weekend ever record. The movie is also the highest-grossing superhero film ever. Since its release, fans have started coming up with theories about how the movie ended, as well as what the second part of the story might contain: how will the Avengers fix what Thanos did? Infinity War still leaves an emotional impact on fans, too, particularly after comments made by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn who clarified a translation for Groot's last words.

The Thanos photo op in Canada was a nice touch to a city so recently affected by real tragedy. In a world that is often much more depressing than the one left behind by Thanos at the end of Infinity War, making real people smile makes both Coraci and DeGuzman the real heroes.

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Source: The Star

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