Avengers: Infinity War's Biggest Thanos Fight in 16-Bit

One Avengers: Infinity War and gaming superfan has recreated the movie's iconic battle on Titan in 16-Bit glory. The 19th MCU adventure was jam-packed with memorable action sequences and head-to-head battles between Thanos' Black Order and the various Avengers, but there's no denying that watching the likes of Spider-Man and Star-Lord wrestle with the Mad Titan himself was one of the highlights of the movie.

While the MCU was had somewhat memorable, average video game adaptations like Iron Man 3 to tie into the movies they were based on, Avengers: Infinity War didn't get its own console title. As players wait patiently for Square Enix's Avengers game, fans can see what a 16-Bit version of Infinity War could've looked like if the franchise needed to make any more money than it already did from the movie.

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Mr Sunday Movies posted the video on YouTube for fans to enjoy one of Infinity War's best scenes with a retro twist. From Doctor Strange's mind trickery to Thanos hurling a moon at Iron Man, it's all there in the extended video. There's even a handy side-by-side so audiences can keep up with the 16-Bit version compared to its big screen counterpart.

Watching Infinity War translated into pixelated 16-Bit graphics with an electric soundtrack conjures up images of a cross between Street Fighter and Super Mario World. Even for those who've seen the emotional fight between Guardians and Avengers versus Thanos hundreds of times before, it's all very different in 16-Bit. That being said, it's still hard to relive the moment that Star-Lord royally messes up the fate of the universe.

Remember that the Titan battle wasn't the only standout moment from Infinity War, meaning there are plenty more moments that are ripe for a 16-Bit remake. From Thor's creation of Stormbreaker to Gamora's tragic Vormir journey, all of Infinity War deserves to be shown in 16-Bit. Although an Infinity War game probably wouldn't have lived up to the hype or critical acclaim of the movie, just imagine playing Avengers: Infinity War - The Game on a Sega Megadrive.

Even as the gaming industry gets excited for Insomniac's Spider-Man and a possible Marvel Games Universe, the argument for a 16-Bit Infinity War game is pretty tempting. There may be a bit of a wait until the Russo Brothers' Avengers 4, but let's see if Mr Sunday Movies releases a 16-Bit sequel.

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Source: Mr Sunday Movies

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