Every Marvel Infinity War Star: Who Are They Dating?

The cast members of Avengers: Infinity War may be extremely busy on set, but they aren't busy enough to avoid finding love.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has made a fortune for Marvel Studios. Despite it turning 10 years old this year, it shows no sign of slowing down or fading away with the next phase already planned out. Money aside, the MCU has catapulted its stars' careers into the stratosphere and rejuvenated others – namely Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking to EW about what the role of Iron Man did for Downey, Iron Man director and Happy Hogan in the MCU, Jon Favreau, said, "It's exciting for everybody, because he's a guy that I think a lot of people wrote off."

"It's inspiring when somebody who sort of has his work cut out for him actually [succeeds] and comes back bigger and better than he was before. I mean, that's the American dream – and it oddly somehow relates to Tony Stark," he stated.

With such fanfare and attention, it's only natural that fans want to know more about these actors and their private lives. In fact, one of the most common questions is, who are they dating?

Being your favorite resource for all things entertainment-related, we've done some digging and uncovered the significant others of the Avengers: Infinity War stars.

Here is Every Infinity War Star: Who Are They Dating?

20 Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd and Julia Yaeger

Ant-Man star Paul Rudd might be a funnyman on the big screen, but he's private when it comes to his relationship with wife, Julie Yaeger, whom he has been married to since 2003.

Together, they have two children, Jack and Darby, and appear to be defying the old Hollywood curse that often splits marriages.

Although, that might be down to what Rudd has described as a controversy-free lifestyle.

Speaking to Elle in 2011, he said, "I don't think I'm going to sell a lot of tabloids. My wife and I have been together for 16 years. My parents were married my whole life until my father passed away a few years ago."

It's evident that family is important to Rudd, and he has a good example to follow in his parents' relationship.

19 Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt

No one knows who Peter Dinklage is playing in Avengers: Infinity War yet, but we've been promised that we'll recognize him instantly.

Well, that shouldn't be too difficult, considering he's one of the most well-known actors in the world right now thanks to his role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.

At home, though, he's a husband to theater director Erica Schmidt and father to two children.

Speaking about his wife to The Guardian, Dinklage showered her with praise. "She's very inspiring. She's definitely the artist of the family. I am just the TV actor who pays the bills."

Dinklage added that she's brilliant and a total lover of theater. The pair were fortunate enough to work together in an off-Broadway production of Turgenev's A Month in the Country.

18 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

Bradley Cooper has had a string of partners since his divorce from Jennifer Esposito in 2007. However, it appears as if he's finally found love in the arms of model Irina Shayk.

They've been together for three years now, with Shayk giving birth to their daughter, Lea de Seine, in 2017.

Cooper looks absolutely smitten with his two special ladies, and is taking to the father role like a natural (even if he isn't too keen on discussing it in interviews).

A photo posted on Shayk's Instagram account got tongues wagging at the beginning of the year. The snap showed Shayk holding a seashell and her eagle-eyed fans noticed she had a ring on her finger. Did Cooper finally pop the big question? We all hope so.

17 Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez

Vin Diesel might often play a bad boy on the big screen, but he appears to be grounded in the real world. Since 2007, he's dated Mexican model Paloma Jiménez and they have three children together.

Chatting about Jiménez to Entertainment Tonight, Diesel said, "I'm speechless. She's everything. She's the perfect mother. She's just so wonderful in so many ways. She's so stunningly beautiful, but the thing people don't realize is she's my rock, so she's so stunningly beautiful on the inside."

Despite these words, Diesel did make journalist Carol Moreira uncomfortable in an xXx: The Return of Xander Cage press junket.

He kept interrupting her to tell her how beautiful she was and being an overall sleazeball. We wonder what Jiménez thought of this behavior.

16 Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista and Sarah Jade

When he was still in the WWE, Dave Bautista didn't just climb the mountain to the top of the organization but he plowed his way through the Divas division, too.

There are numerous stories of Bautista and the ladies of the ring floating around on the net, especially his liaisons with Kelly Kelly and Melina Perez.

That said, he settled down in 2015 by marrying dancer Sarah Jade.

Bautista beamed as he posted photos of their wedding on Twitter and Instagram. One of the highlights was a picture of the newlyweds under a big tree, with Bautista quipping, "Groot was in attendance."

The former wrestling champion looks like a changed man after this relationship, and his wife is completely smitten with him, too. We're glad that Drax found love.

15 Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

For those people who don't believe in love at first sight, we suggest you speak to Chris Hemsworth about what he thinks of the topic.

He met Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in early 2010 and wed her by the end of the year. Since then, they've had three children: a daughter in 2012 and twin sons in 2014.

That doesn't mean that the couple hasn't had a rough patch. Speaking to GQ Australia, Hemsworth explained how they had to overcome a rough patch.

"My wife and I fell in love, had kids, didn't really see each other for a few years, then fell back in love. Once you have children, every instinct and every moment of your time is consumed by that. You've got nothing for each other – so make sure you have date night even if it's once in a blue moon."

14 Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman and Taylor Simone Ledward

Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman is hot property right now and fans want to ship him with the likes of Lupita Nyong'o and Regina Hall. However, Boseman is already taken by someone else: Taylor Simone Ledward.

Boseman is private about his relationship and has only referred to her as "a lady" in his life.

When Ledward was spotted with him at the Oscars and an NBA game, that's when fans and reporters started to do an investigation of their own.

According to sources, the two have been together since 2015 and are as happy as ever, despite Boseman's newfound levels of fame.

Even Ledward's grandmother gave her blessing to the couple in In Touch Weekly. "They respect each other. She's very happy, and he is, too." So, stop shipping Boseman with other people, okay?

13 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson wasted no time in moving on from French businessman Romain Dauriac. The two were separated in 2016, divorced in 2017, and she started dating comic Colin Jost not long afterwards.

According to Us Weekly, a source told the publication that Jost is "telling friends he wants to marry her. He loves to take her out and show her off."

Well, it looks like it there might be much truth to this rumor, as Johansson was spotted showing off a giant rock on her hand. The diamond ring was on her right hand, but Johansson tried her best to keep it hidden from the photographers and onlookers.

Is it possible that Johansson could be walking down the aisle for the third time in the near future?

12 Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney

Mark Ruffalo looks like a guy who stumbled into Hollywood by accident. You can see he loves the acting part of it, but not the fame side.

As such, you can expect the story of how he met his wife, Sunruse Coigney, to be anything but ordinary.

According to an interview with The Guardian, Ruffalo met Coigney on a street in 1998 when he was still a struggling actor.

In other recounts of the story of how they met, he credits her with believing and encouraging him to follow his dreams. When he finally asked her to marry him, she turned him down the first time before finally saying yes.

The two have been married since 2000 and have three children: Keen, Bella Noche, and Odette.

11 Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett

While her sisters Mark-Kate and Ashley take up more gossip column space than her, Elizabeth Olsen has done her best to stay out of the rumor industry and live an ordinary life – even though she's a well-known actress due to her role as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in the MCU.

Olsen has been seeing singer/songwriter Robbie Arnett since February 2017 when they met while on vacation in Mexico.

According to an E! News source, "They are in an exclusive relationship and Lizzie is excited about him. She deserves it. It's very new though, but they seem to like each other a lot already."

Naturally, many gossip mags have speculated than an engagement may be on the horizon, but there's been no concrete proof that they're ready to take the next step yet.

10 Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch looks intimidating and as if he doesn't have much time for the nonsense of celebrity.

However, his partner, Sophie Hunter, seems to bring out the teddy bear in the Doctor Strange star. The two had been friends for over 17 years before deciding to take the plunge and become something more.

When asked about their relationship, Cumberbatch gushed and said, "She's just really cool." They were married in 2015, and became parents to two sons, Christopher (born in 2015) and Hal (born in 2017).

Building a family has changed everything for him, as Cumberbatch told The Telegraph: "I have a family which gives me a purpose that is greater than me and more important than me beyond my work and my public life."

9 Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie and Sheletta Chapital

When he's not portraying Sam Wilson/Falcon in the MCU, Anthony Mackie lives a quiet, reserved wife with his wife, Sheletta Chapital, and their three children. Their story is a cute one.

Both Mackie and Chapital are from New Orleans and have known each other since they were seven years old.

Mackie said they'd been on-and-off since grade school, but rekindled their romance once Mackie rebuilt homes in New Orleans a little while after he starred in The Hurt Locker.

Then, in 2015, he quietly married her in a small ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

According to a source who attended the wedding, "It was low-key and super-relaxed. They had a welcome dinner. We golfed and drank. They went on a honeymoon soon after."

8 Tom Holland

Tom Holland and Zendaya

Ever since Tom Holland and Zendaya starred as Peter Parker and Michelle "MJ" Jones respectively in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming, there have been rumors that the two are a hot item.

In an interview with Variety, though, Zendaya shot down the dating stories, insisting they were only friends.

"We are friends. He's a great dude. He's literally one of my best friends. This past how many months we've had to do press tours together. There's very few people that will understand what that's like at 20 years old," she said.

However, it is rumored once again that the two might be dating.

This speculation is based on them being spotted having a cozy lunch in February this year.

While there's nothing nefarious about it, you can't deny that they seem to spend an awful lot of time together.

7 Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana - Marco Perego-Saldana

In 2011, Zoe Saldana announced that she and her longtime boyfriend Keith Britton were splitting up after 11 years together.

In that moment, everyone thought that love was dead – but it proved to be a blessing in disguise for Saldana as she embarked on her quest for true love.

Two years later, she met Italian artist Marco Perego and their romance didn't take too long to blossom. After only two months dating, they secretly tied the knot in a ceremony in London.

Saldana then revealed that in a reversal of tradition, Perego had adopted her surname upon marriage. She now goes by Zoe Saldana-Perego while he is Marco Perego-Saldana.

Proving the doubters wrong, the two are still together and have three sons, Bowie, Cy and Zen.

6 Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

The story of Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly's courtship sounds like it could be straight from a movie. The two met while filming A Beautiful Mind.

Bettany told Entertainment Tonight, "I've never been this close to someone that beautiful before. I remember thinking, 'I bet every man you ever met has tried to flirt with you.'"

Connelly added, "I remember meeting him at the first read through. I thought, 'Hmm, he's really good, that guy.' He started playing guitar and it was all over."

They didn't date until after filming had wrapped up.

After the September 11 attacks, though, Bettany decided to act on his feelings for her. He tried to reach her for two days, and when he did, he asked her to marry him. The rest, as they say, is history.

5 Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd

Josh Brolin is something of a ladies' man and built up a reputation as a bad boy in previous years.

His reputation, though, has taken a backseat as he fell head over heels for his former assistant and model Kathryn Boyd.

The two became engaged in March 2015 and then wed in September 2016. It looks like Deadpool 2 filmmakers and fans owe Boyd a debt of gratitude for Brolin signing on to play the role of Cable.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Brolin said, "My wife just said, 'read it, like why are you even thinking, just read it,' and I read it and I laughed harder than I've laughed in a very long time."

Well, we're certainly ecstatic that Boyd used her common sense to convince her husband here.

4 Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam

Cobie Smulders dated her future husband, Taran Killam, for many years before finally tying the knot in 2012. Fast-forward six years later and they have two daughters and burgeoning careers in Hollywood.

Despite the two being heavily involved in show business, they've figured out a way to make it work, as Smulders explained to SheKnows.

"We have an amazing support system. We have a wonderful nanny when both of us are out of town. We have family that helps us out when we need it and just supports our girls emotionally as well," she said. "It's really about putting the girls first and having to be a bit choosy about work now and doing jobs that you only really want to do."

Sounds like they don't need the Avengers initative at home just yet.

3 Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle and Bridgid Coulter

Don Cheadle should be a role model for other actors in Hollywood. He has an impressive filmography and lets his work do the talking for him, rather than filling up the column spaces in the gossip mags.

In his private life, Cheadle has been together with Rosewood co-star, Bridgid Coulter, since 1992 (they reportedly wed in 2016).

They have two children, Ayana Tai and Imani, and a strong, healthy, and loving relationship despite the sordid temptations of Tinseltown.

Acting runs in his family's blood, too, as Cheadle told The Guardian, "It's cool, because my kids did theater in school. It was fun to read their parts with them. My wife's an actor. It's always kinda in the fabric. You are what you do in that way."

2 Chris Evans

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, is now in a new/not-so-new relationship with actress Jenny Slate. The pair met while filming Gifted in 2016 and dated thereafter.

Then, in February 2017, they decided to take a break due to the dreaded "scheduling conflicts" excuse.

Unlike other couples who break up and hate each other, Evans and Slate were amicable and even praised one another's work during this time.

Well, it seems like the love wasn't gone, as the two of them got back together towards the tail end of last year.

Slate spent Christmas with Evans and his family, which was confirmed by a photo posted on Instagram by Evans' brother, Scott.

However, it appears that the two have separated once again.

1 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr and Susan Levin

Robert Downey Jr. has had a troubled and storied past, as he's battled with addiction. Unfortunately, these challenges took a toll on his first wife, Deborah Falconer, who left him because of his failed attempts at sobriety.

However, it wasn't all doom and gloom for Downey as he finally managed to get sober and find love again.

He met producer Susan Levin in 2003, while working on the set of Gothika, and they married in 2005. Now, they are parents to a son and daughter, along with a son from Downey's first marriage.

Downey credits Levin for the reinvigoration of his career.

Chatting to The Hollywood Reporter, he said, "Susan holds one pillar and I hold the other, and this creative arc of tension just flows between us."


Do you know the significant others of the rest of the Infinity War cast? Let us know in the comments.

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