Peter Quill Is The Worst Hero In Avengers: Infinity War

Warning: SPOILERS Below For Avengers: Infinity War!


Star-Lord failed the entire universe in Avengers: Infinity War and proved himself to be Marvel's worst hero. Nearly every member of the Avengers along with the Guardians of the Galaxy assembled to fight Thanos to keep him from capturing all six Infinity Stones. In their valiant efforts to defend against the Mad Titan and the Black Order, some of the heroes put aside their differences for the greater good. Either in Wakanda or on Thanos' homeworld of Titan, the Avengers and Guardians rose to the occasion and were at their very best - except for Peter Quill. Instead, he was one of the main reasons Thanos won.

The overall tone of Infinity War was grim and apocalyptic, so a little comic relief was a welcome break from the tension, which is where the Guardians came in. They were pulled into the conflict by answering the Asgardians' distress call and found Thor as the lone survivor of Thanos' attack. Thor's meet-cutes with the Guardians, especially his taking a shine to Groot and Rocket, who he affectionately calls "tree" and "rabbit", delivered some of the movie's biggest laughs. Drax was equally impressed with Thor, the handsome "pirate angel." The stick in the mud, though, was Peter Quill, whose manhood was immediately threatened by a bigger alpha male coming aboard the Milano. His fragile ego, already wounded by the Guardians accusing him of gaining weight, couldn't handle Thor's presence and how Quill imagined Thor would steal Gamora away from him.

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Star-Lord's behavior only worsened as the movie continued, showing that he hasn't matured at all in the years since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ended. Gamora made him swear that he would kill her rather than let Thanos capture her for her knowledge of the Soul Stone's secret location. Now, Quill was placed in an impossible situation and it's perfectly understandable he didn't want to shoot the woman he loved point-blank. He did eventually do as Gamora pleaded and pulled the trigger, but the entire ordeal only ended up amusing Thanos. The Mad Titan telling his daughter's boyfriend "I like you" wasn't praise or validation, it was a condemnation.

Once the Guardians met up with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man on Titan, Quill reverted again to hiding behind his swaggering machismo upon meeting other heroes. His saying Tony Stark's plan "sucks" while claiming he could dream up a better plan (that isn't a dance-off) showcased his insecurities, but the most revealing thing Star-Lord said was when he pointed out he is half-human (his father was Ego) and it's the human part of him that's "stupid". Unfortunately, Quill let that very stupid human side do all of his thinking because he completely blew it for the heroes against Thanos.

The plan to subdue the purple nihilist was actually working: the Avengers and Guardians had Thanos helpless and Spider-Man nearly had the Infinity Gauntlet removed from his arm. But upon hearing that Thanos sacrificed Gamora's life for the Soul Stone, Star-Lord lost his cool and ruined the plan. What happened next was inevitable: Thanos got free, overpowered the heroes, and Doctor Strange finally surrendered the Time Stone. With it, Thanos was able to secure the Mind Stone in Wakanda, snapped his fingers, and killed half of the universe. Thanos won, thanks in large part to Peter Quill being the worst hero. No wonder Thanos liked him.

Now, a saving grace to Star-Lord's actions is that it could all be part of Doctor Strange's secret plan. There's only one future outcome in 14-million where the heroes ultimately win, and Thanos' victory could be necessary for the overall big picture. If that's the case, part of that plan still hinges on Star-Lord behaving like an idiot. Regardless of whatever Strange may be up to in the long run, the way Peter Quill conducted himself in Avengers: Infinity War begs the question: when the fate of the universe is at stake, why would you want Star-Lord on your side?

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